Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Develop the Mind of War

Or John Howard's.
The Mind of War is Needed to WIN
A Bill Warner interview- a few important notes:
Warner: Our resistance so far has been the first stage: to know the enemy and to develop a strategy. We are now coming to the end of it. Since 9/11 we have had intellectual warriors who have studied Political Islam, built websites, blogged and written books.
We now know the entire scope of Islamic doctrine and the biggest elements of a repressed and denied history of the dhimmitude, and annihilation of cultures.

To repeat, we now know the doctrine and history of Political Islam at a strategic level.
We now know the enemy and this is a mark of our success.

Our strategy must be the salvation of our precious civilization. We must save our very selves. All of this cannot be accomplished without the Mind of War. There is a psychology of war that puts everything in a different perspective.
We are rich, fat, dumb and happy living in the land that everyone wants to emigrate to. It is easy to turn on the Super Bowl, plan the bar mitzvah, work for a promotion and just let Political Islam have its way.
The Mind of War sees that all of what we have is an illusion, that the cancer has started to metastasize.
Until we develop the Mind of War, we are doomed. We must have that emergency reserve that war brings out. Without this state of mind, we will lose all we have.
The great civilization of Coptic Egypt of the Pharaohs that lasted 5000 years is gone, a corpse buried beneath Political Islam. Liberal democracy is only 200 years old. Political Islam is 1400 years old and exploding in power.
Without the Mind of War, our civilization will become extinct under the impact of the civilization of duality. - Bill Warner


Blogger Abandon Skip said...

This is the mindset everyone needs, to wake up and realise the serious threat of Political Islam.

2:43 PM  
Blogger 10 men said...

War is War skip. The great lie that is global warming caused by humans is working well as a smoke screen.

The CIA is even waisting resourses on it instead of combating terrorism with everything it's got.

Don't forget the leftist/socialist utopia shitheads who preach to kids peace at all costs, there's no good or evil etc all adds up.

To have the war mind today is simply not in fashion in the West.

We need more 300 type movies and some are on the way- transformers, die hard 4 as well others hopefully.

God Bless the West because it needs it big time.

3:47 PM  

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