Saturday, December 12, 2015


Here are nine inconvenient facts about Islam Democrats and the DC Media don’t want you to know:

Islam promotes a “culture” that “thinks you can kill in the name of God” and is in need of a reformation, according to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He also believes Western Civilisation should have more confidence in its innate  

Five Questions the Islamophile Establishment Can’t Answer 
few simple questions:

1. How can Muslims who revere the “perfect example” of Muhammad, a warlord who beheaded people, who raped infidel women, who tortured people, who had an old woman torn apart and who claimed: “I have been made victorious by terror” possibly oppose violence in the name of Islam?

2. ISIS implement Sharia in the same way as the Saudis. Do the Saudis twist, distort and misunderstand Islam as Islamic State is accused of doing?

3. How the heck can a religion of peace have such a long, bloody history of warfare against unbelievers from so many faiths? And just why, exactly, are Muslims still slaughtering infidels today as Muhammad and his men did in 622, brutal acts emulated by devout Muslims throughout Islam’s history?

4. [I]f the vast majority of Muslims are opposed to violence committed by mujahideen in the name of Islam where the heck are the millions of outraged Muslims protesting against ISIS as they did against cartoons of the murdering, raping, terrorist Muhammad and the Charlie Hebdo defense of the right to free speech?

5. [W]hy is it only Muslims committing these atrocities year in, year out, month in, month out on every continent? 


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