Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cracking Borders

Muslim Demographics a threat to Europeans

In full: Tony Abbott delivers 2015 Margaret Thatcher Lecture 

from Andrew Bolt's blog below:

Column - Abbott warns Europe to fight or lose
SEEMING good, achieving evil. Tony Abbott has nailed the truth of Europe’s surrender to an army of illegal immigrants.
Yet the deposed prime minister was again abused by the media for trying to defend the West.

Why is Amnesty International trying to crack our borders?

Now Amnesty International, once devoted to helping “prisoners of conscience”, is wasting donated money to stop Australia from turning back boats of illegal immigrants:

“This is a very dangerous and profoundly undemocratic idea, and must not be replicated in Europe or elsewhere.”

Ah. Is that it, then? Amnesty is trying to stop Europe from replicating the kind of policies that stop the boats? Amnesty wants this astonishing and dangerous invasion of Europe to continue - the invasion that has so far brought 1 million illegal immigrants to Europe in just two years? 


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