Monday, September 30, 2013

Act 1

'I have seen many bad things, but this will haunt me for the rest of my days." -- Soldier on scene

Kenya mall jihadis tortured their non-Muslim hostages before murdering them

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It is a crime for the average person to not know about these evil atrocities. People need to know that this is their likely fate if they are captured by these monsters, and that it would be better to fight back until the end rather than surrender.

“Those are not allegations. Those are f****** truths,” the doctor, a forensics expert, told The Star newspaper. “They removed balls, eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood. They drive knives inside a child’s body. Actually, if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers.”


Twitter account warns attack only 'Act 1'

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) – To anyone shopping at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, it would likely have seemed just another store.

But according to a Kenyan intelligence official, the small shop concealed an ominous secret. It was rented by the Al-Shabaab terrorists, or their associates, who within a year would carry out an attack on the upscale shopping mall.

The information — revealed Friday to CNN by the source, who is close to the investigation into the attack — suggests the Somalian terror organization had been planning the operation at least that long.




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