Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chris Lane shooting

WH Responds to Aussie Chris Lane's Murder: "Wouldn't Want to Get Ahead of the Legal Process Here" links: web comment: Where is the 24/7 news coverage like on Trayvon ? Where is the BS leftist media ? Where are the protests ? ALSO: From:
What Australians Ought to Be Boycotting In Australia, moonbats like former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer are milking the Chris Lane shooting for all they can get, calling for a boycott of travel to the USA to punish us for upholding the right to bear arms If Australians want to boycott something, they ought to start with the anti-white ideology excreted by our liberal intellectuals, and the rap gushing out of our entertainment industry like filth from a fractured sewer pipe. web comments: In Australia the “Liberals” are more like American “liberals” than they are like “Real” Republicans or Tea Party supporters. The Austrailan Liberals want to enforce a totalitarian monarchist society as opposed to ths ALP who want a totalitarian “socialist/communist” society. Australia with compulsory voting, only gives a “choice” bteween one form of tyrany or another. I find some of the comments here about us Australians offensive just as I’m certain many of you find generalised comments about Americans offensive. We have our share of “Moonbats’ here as well and they sure as hell do NOT represent the majority of us. So please don’t judge us all by a tiny minority of paralyzed-from-the-neck-up retards. The bulk of these cretins will be silenced come the next election in a couple of weeks when we pray that we rid ourselves of the pox that has allowed these douches to speak so freely. It is their right to an opinion though we dont have to like it and to say so is our right, but direct it to the right people please.


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