Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jizyah- Infidel Humanitarian Aid payment for Protection from Muslims

It's a FACT! Under Islamic law Hand & Foot Cutting as punishment.

Fitzgerald: Call humanitarian aid what it really is: jizyah

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald renews his plea for an end to the jizyah:

The Jizyah -- that is, the payment by Infidels to Muslims, in order to buy a temporary "protection" from Muslims themselves that will cease just as soon as the payment of that Jizyah ceases -- needs to be stopped everywhere.

To be stopped, however, it first needs to be seen as Jizyah, which is exactly what it is, although it is described as "foreign aid" or "humanitarian aid." "Humanitarian aid" goes to those who have suffered some disaster -- drought, say, or tsunami. It is a temporary thing.

It is given because the people who receive it will gratefully take it, use it to get back on their feet (or should), and certainly not pocket it as if it belongs to them by right and can rightfully be taken from those whose laws, customs, and manners they have been instructed since birth to hate and to wish destroyed. That is absurd.

There are many examples of this Jizyah being paid. To Egypt, not our "ally." To Pakistan, not our "ally." To Jordan, not our "ally." Most of the Muslim inhabitants of Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan, as well as of other states that have been receiving the Jizyah, do not support, and are not genuinely friendly towards the Infidels.

That doesn't mean they don't want to move to the Lands of the Infidels, and in those lands to earn money, to settle in, and to behave as no other immigrants voluntarily allowed to settle in history have behaved: as entitled to transform the societies, in order to remove any barriers to the spread of Islam and the power of Muslims, so that "Islam may dominate and is not to be dominated."

This is something a great many people cannot quite understand. They cannot quite figure out how it is that, for example, a few hundred thousand impoverished Somalis, who would seem to be reasonable recipients of visas, turn out to bring with them in their mental baggage an alien and a hostile creed -- a creed hostile, in the first place, to the idea of the worth and significance of the individual, and of the rights that, consequently, have been established to protect individuals.

The most egregious and outrageous example of the Jizyah is that which goes to the local Arabs who after 1967 renamed themselves, for clearly political reasons. Google "Zuheir Mohsen" and "There is no such thing as the Palestinian people" to see what the leader of one of those terror groups admitted in a moment of candor.

It should be stopped. These people hope, dream, and intend sooner or later to wipe out Israel and to seize the Holy Land for Islam. Hamas has failed to disguise, when given opportunity after opportunity, its clear intent. Only a complete fool could fail, at this point, to grasp that intent, and only an antisemite could ignore it.

Huge sums are now being paid, all over the Western world, to monitor Muslim communities. Huge sums are being paid for security measures, for guards at churches and synagogues and Hindu temples, for guards at airports and metro stations and bus stations. For guards at every government office building and high-profile target.

For monitoring the Internet, for tapping phones, for doing all the things we are now forced to do, and would wish did not have to be done, but from now on out will have to be done. Why?

Because of the presence of that population that unlike all others, did not jettison that hostility when it arrived. And, indeed, many of those who may have come only with economic improvement in mind have turned out to produce children who, in their inability to adopt or adapt, always seem to return to Islam -- the full Islam. And that is something we can't tolerate, and should not be asked to.

Meanwhile, Muslim-majority states make up 10 of the 11 members of OPEC. Arab and Muslim states have received, for nothing at all, for not a single effort by a single Arab or Muslim, more than 10 trillion dollars since 1973.

They have helped to make the entire world more unpleasant, expensive, and dangerous. We have just spent $400 billion trying, trying, trying, to bring some slight decency to Iraq. This will fail.

Among those who were behind this policy, their initial messianism has sunk into mere sentimentalism about how "everyone loves freedom." Yet despite all this money, all this effort, ultimately the sectarian and ethnic fissures that were not brought into being or even exacerbated by the Americans (unless one counts the removal of the murderous despot who held things in check through murder), but have existed since virtually the beginning of Islam, will simmer. Then they will perhaps explode.

Let the "poor" "Palestinians" get no Jizyah. Period. Not from the E.U. Not from the United States. Not from any Infidels. Let them go to those fabulously rich fellow members of the umma al-islamiyya, the daggers-and-dishdasha boys in Saudi Arabia, the louche wheeler-dealers of the U.A.E., the real estate moguls, putting up their Persian Gulf versions of Las Vegas-cum-Disneyworld-cum-Rodeo-Drive, giving the lie to all those who keep telling us that Islam is "unmaterialistic" unlike other religions. No end to this nonsense.

There is no distinction between "humanitarian" aid and other kinds in this case. The aid is meant to sustain a warlike and violent group who at this point cannot be transformed, but can be weakened, can be made to work merely to survive so that there will be no time whatsoever for fun-and-games with black balaclavas and kalashnikovs.

Make them beg from the Saudis. Make them go to work. Make them leave the area in search of work elsewhere, the way people have done since the beginning of time, and the way some of their ancestors, who arrived earlier in this century from Iraq and Egypt, or those who arrived in the last century with the veterans of Abd el Kader and Mehmet Ali, or who were transplanted by the Ottomans from Muslim villages in Europe, did. Only this time in reverse.

There are many people worthy of charity. Bolivian Indians. Black Africans in the Sudan and Congo. Hindus being murdered in Bangladesh. The Arab Muslims, all or any of them, the recipients of the greatest unearned transfer of wealth in human history, are at this point not among them.

Stop the Jizyah. And put whatever money is saved into solar and wind energy projects, and whatever else comes fittingly to mind.


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