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BREAKING! Professional PROOF! Liberals Are Mentally Ill!

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A clear & present danger

Lakemba Mosque in southwest Sydney’s Muslim heartland.

How I lost faith in multiculturalism

Greg Sheridan After decades of supporting an approach to immigration and integration that I thought would work, the European experience has shown me it is doomed to fail

How Sheridan lost faith in multiculturalism

Andrew Bolt – Saturday, April 02, 11

Those few of us who dared to warn have faced vile abuse as alleged racists and threats of violence and legal action. But even Greg Sheridan now recants his support for multiculturalism:

web comments:

I think Sheridan’s article is a realisation that the beliefs people live by do affect the way they behave. This is what the secularist, relativist western left have found it hard to accept - that most of the world do live by belief and that in the Islamic world, they [the left] are only useful idiots and would be disposed of under a caliphate.  An excellent recent book exploring this issue in general terms is George Weigel’s ‘Faith, Reason and the War against Jihadism’.

The full article is must read. I would encourage all our Lefties and Liberal wets to read it, and then reread it again. 
Firstly, let me state one sentence from the article.
To have concerns about these matters is not racism or xenophobia. It is reasonable.
It is reasonable and I thank Greg Sheridan for stating that. We do not wish as a nation to go down the same road as Europe. Europe faces a myriad of problems due to its past and present immigration and refugee intake. Europe faces a myriad of problems due to the fact that it has not integrated many of those who came to live there. Escalating violence, terrorist attacks, balkanisation of entire towns and suburbs, intimidation of the native locals, the changing of culture, society and laws to favour of the newcomer. Europe is in a mess and I predict civil war in the (near) future. Do we really want that outcome here??
Another good article in a similar vein is from Senator Bernardi here. That too should be read, along with this article. Solutions can and need to be found, and quickly implemented. There is a clear and present danger to our society, for the sake of our children’s future that danger needs to be negated.


Have you heard an announcement from the head of the Australian Muslims today condemning the attack on the UN compound in Afghanastan where Muslims beheaded their victims?
I havent’ heard anything either.