Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The West is the Best

Fear the West...

Firefight Dewagal Valley-Afghanistan HQ

Quote from Soldier that made the video: "If on­ly they knew the joy they brought in­to our lives."

Taliban TRY to ambush an outpost and get smashed by counterattack with 50 cal, small arms, AT-4 and mortars.

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Anonymous Patrick Carroll said...

Great Video, Great Pics. The only thing these Taliban F**** are good for is target practice. I'm glad to see that these boys are getting some.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Common pictures that reflect true blood of the western people. You can see in their dramas, soap operas, theaters, movies, documentary films, novels, magazines, radio, at the pubs, in schools, in churches, even at the markets...so many fights againts terrorism...anything that we could think of... the westerns love fighting terrorism. everything surrounding them relates to terrorism. why? what's so fucking good about them that many foreigners want to terrorize them? the answer is too simple. because they belong to a bunch of inhuman INTRUDERS. the western intruded afghanistan, lebanon, syria, iraq and so many other average countries. and when the people of these countries fought back, the western called them terrorist. Shame on you, white people! Why dont you go hack your own brothers like france, germany, or the uk and label them terrorist? you're stupid, eh??? Shame on you, really. boasting to the world about the things everyone knows are bulshit from your butt. If you're so true that white people love peace and that Islam do not promote peace, then why on earth there are so many white people convert to Islam nowadays? Aren't you aware of that? Shame on you. Go home. Get some sleep. You're drunk!

10:45 AM  

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