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Toons 2008

Smells like Victory

I love the smell of moonbat heads exploding in the morning.

It smells like victory.

-a web comment

McCain Introduces Alaska Gov. Palin As VP

Republican presidential nominee-to-be John McCain introduces Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the world.

Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Friday, August 29, 2008

East Timor- Tour Top to Bottom

Summit of East Timor's highest mountain, Mount Ramelau.

Aussies told to forget Bali, try Timor
By Ellen Whinnett August 28, 2008 07:52am

EAST Timor will one day rival Bali as a drawcard for Australian tourists, its Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has claimed.

Speaking in Melbourne, Mr Gusmao declared his fledgling nation open for business, reports the Herald Sun.

He said drawing Australian tourists to East Timor would be another way of driving the economy forward.

Only a handful make the 90-minute flight from Darwin to East Timor each month, but new hotels, scuba-diving firms and the publication of a Lonely Planet travel guide had made the country more attractive as a destination.

"I believe that when Australians know our country they will prefer our country instead of Bali for example," Mr Gusmao said.

He conceded that his nation, Asia's poorest, did not have the infrastructure for large-scale tourism.
"We want to increase from 10 Australians a year to 100 a month," he said, adding that diving was a way forward.
"It is the cleanest water in the world, the most beautiful corals. What I saw there was the red fish (clown fish, made popular by the movie Finding Nemo). We too have Nemo."
Mr Gusmao yesterday met Premier John Brumby, who pledged $50,000 towards establishing a new building code in East Timor.
He also spoke at the Melbourne Business School's new Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership for Social Impact, which offers scholars.
==Below the Sea==
diving east timor

Diving Timor LesteAnn Turner, Turismo Timor Leste
Timor-Leste sits at the heart of the Indo-Pacific ‘coral triangle’, home to more species of marine life than anywhere else on earth. The clean, warm waters that surround the world’s newest country provide ideal conditions for a delicate coral reef ecosystem, supporting a vast diversity of creatures, from the smallest shrimp to the massive whale shark. Timor-Leste’s north coast sits on the edge of an underwater precipice, the Wetar Strait, a marine trench almost three kilometers deep, which provides a corridor for pelagic and migrating animals: whales, dolphin, tuna and sailfish patrol offshore. The coastal coral reef is constantly refreshed by the deep water, which brings both predators and prey to within reach of its inhabitants. This is the recipe for some of the world’s best diving.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Searching for Peace

Searching for world peace, Penn and Teller



Current fighter pilot Ads

USS John McCain
click to enlarge
comment from lgf
By putting out these ads, day after day, on different topics, the McCain campaign has gotten well inside Obama's OODA Loop. It takes one to two days for Obama's campaign to respond, by which time the next ad is out, coming at him from yet another angle. This is how McCain has taken the initiative away from Obama even during the Democratic coronation convention.

The fighter pilot is beating the community organizer.


Join The McCain Team
John McCain ad called, "Tiny."

-web comments from lgf-

Dangerously unprepared to be President.

“Obamessiah Dangerously Unprepared to be President”
Understatement of the decade!

Give me a break. it is not an attack ad. The MSM and Obama camps may say so, but it certainly is not. it is informative AND factual.


Obama's Protestors Threathen TV Stations Over McCain Ad "Know Enough"

Former Clinton Delegate Debra In McCain Ad

Pimp up your PSP

PSP wallpaper....

Go to downloads and pimp your psp.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DefenceTalk 26th Aug 2008

Defence News [ Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ] -

Today's Defence news updates...
A NATO E-3A Sentinel and its crew arrived here Aug. 8 to conduct training missions with 4th Fighter Wing aircrews.... Read More...
Recent cyber attacks against government information systems overseas should serve as a lesson that the United States needs to continue... Read More...
Invisibility has long existed in the realm of imagination and fantasy, but for Army scientists and researchers studying ways to... Read More...
The Russian parliament voted Monday to recognise two breakaway Georgian regions as independent nations, prompting a flurry of diplomatic warnings... Read More...
A top Russian general accused NATO on Saturday of using humanitarian aid deliveries to Georgia as "cover" for a build-up... Read More...
Aug 26, 2008
Lockheed Martin's Human Alerting and Interruption Logistics-Surface Ship (HAIL-SS) system has successfully transitioned from laboratory to platform as an integrated... Read More...
Aug 26, 2008
Zephyr's reputation as the world's leading solar powered high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been reinforced with a... Read More...
The multinational air exercise 'Exercise Red Flag' presently underway at Air Force base Nellis, Nevada, USA has today entered its... Read More...
Iraqi Premier Nuri al-Maliki said on Monday Washington and Baghdad have agreed there will be no foreign forces in Iraq... Read More...
Lockheed Martin will produce additional combat-proven HELLFIRE II precision-strike, laser-guided air-to-ground missiles forU.S. and international armed forces under a $357... Read More...
A spree of hijackings by pirates off the coast of Somalia has triggered the formation of a multi-coalition naval force.... Read More...
An aviation first was accomplished when an F-15E Strike Eagle flew here Aug. 19 using an alternative fuel.... Read More...

BrookesNews 26th Aug 2008

F4 Corsair

BrookesNews Update

Why Obama's tax 'rebate' plan cannot succeed
The last thing the US economy needs - or any other economy - is an Obama tax and spend policy, which would be better named tax and destroy. However, thereal problem is not Obama but economic illiteracy and entrenched Keynesian fallacies

Is deleveraging bad for the US economy?
Those who accuse the US banks of endangering the economy by deleveraginghave failed to grasp that saving is real stuff and has nothing to do with money as such the so-called paradox of thrift turns out to be a logical impossibility

The business cycle and monetary policy: the RBA gets it wrong
Although the Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary policy has done an enormous amount of damage our economic commentators still treated it as if it were a sacred oracle, despite its awful grasp of monetary policy. This is further evidence of just how bad our economic commentariat really is

For Democrats politics is a war of extermination against their opponents
The battle for Florida is still being waged with Obama and his corrupt media cohorts leading the charge against the Constitution. This battle will continue until either the Democrats have turned the US into a one-partystate or until they have been beaten to the point where they will permanently cease to be a threat to American liberties. And that also goesfor the their media pals

Carbon taxes and renewable energy: a disaster in the making
With nuclear power and oil shale banned, and plans to tax coal, oil and gasout of existence, man is headed back to the "green" energy sources of the Dark Ages - muscles, horses, firewood and sunshine

Obamacide: Obama's support for infanticide
Obama's media pals and supporters are running away from his support for infanticide. It tells us a great deal about the Democrats and journalists that they would support this barbaric practice. And they have the bloody nerve to accuse Republicans of being indifferent to suffering

Not only is freedom of speech threatened by Muslims, so is freedom of religion
Muslims aided and abetted the Nazis in their extermination of Jews sincethey shared a belief system that relegated Jews to the category of 'dogs andapes'. Unlike the Nazis Muslims disdain all religions other than Islam. Itis not only accepted but prescribed by Islam to destroy the Holy Bible and those who worship the word of God as opposed to the Islamic reverence of Allah

Democratic Platform's hidden Soros slush fund
Obama and his mate the 'democracy-loving' Soros plan to rip millions of dollars out of taxpayers and funnel them into Dem fronts. In short, this pair are going to use taxpayer dollars to fund their campaigns. If this ain't corruption then what the hell is?

Georgia and the left's double standards
Russia invades Georgia, a tiny democracy, and the left - through their silence - condone this atrocity. Georgia's crime is that it is a democracy that aligned itself with the US. So once again the left's corruption,mendacity, treason, duplicity, hypocrisy and politically depravity is onpublic display. In short, the left are scum

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Cars

The Cars - Drive

Tonight she comes - The Cars

Shake it up The Cars

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great White Fleet -100th Anniversary 1908-2008

HD image of the USS John. S. McCain

USS McCain in Sydney for anniversary

Aug 20, 2008 6:18 PM

A US warship intends to hold on to its crew after arriving in Sydney Harbour to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great White Fleet - the US Navy's first voyage around the world.

The original fleet lost 300 sailors to the harbour city the first time round, when they jumped ship to stay put in the relatively new nation of Australia.

The armada of 16 US battleships and 14,000 men was sent around the globe by former US president Theodore Roosevelt between December 16, 1907 until February 22, 1909.

The controversial mission, which worried some Americans who thought it left the US defenceless, was the first time the US fleet had sailed around the world.

USS John S. McCain

PACIFIC OCEAN (March 18, 2008) The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) fires her five-inch gun system during a live-fire exercise. McCain is one of seven Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers assigned to Destroyer Squadron 15. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Byron C. Linder

The voyage, a show of military prowess and a chance to deter aggression throughout the Pacific, took in 20 ports across six continents.

More than 500,000 Sydneysiders greeted the fleet 100 years ago, one third of NSW's entire population in 1908.

The arrival of the USS John S McCain - named after the father and grandfather of current US presidential candidate John McCain - may have drawn fewer crowds, but was still accompanied by military fanfare.

As the destroyer sailed into Woolloomooloo Bay, it was flanked by two Australian warships, HMAS Darwin and HMAS Sirius, and a flotilla of vessels from the Royal Motor Yacht Club and Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

On board the ship, navy officers manned the rails, or stood hands-behind-back in a traditional naval pose which honours the country of port.

At the Australian navy's fleet base on Garden Island, members of the Royal Australian Navy Band and the US Navy's Pacific Fleet Band welcomed the ship together.

Captain Mark Montgomery, commodore of the destroyer's squadron, said the ship's arrival in Sydney was emotional for the crew.

"When you come round the bend and see the Sydney Opera House it's really a unique experience for a mariner," he said.

"This really is a unique port, so well preserved ... The Rocks, the area around the park and Lady Macquarie's Chair, it's very different from most ports we pull into."

The original fleet famously lost 300 of its 14,000 sailors in Sydney, who never returned to the ship.

Captain Montgomery said he hoped he wouldn't lose too many naval officers to Sydney this time around.

"We only have 300 with us (this time) so we hope the numbers are lower," he joked.

"All things being equal, I'd like to leave with the number I came with."

Garden Island (Sydney Australia) 23 August 2008.

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said the original fleet's arrival was highly significant for Australia.

"Hundreds of thousands of people lined these shores to welcome our American friends," he told reporters today.

"It was the beginning of a very, very important friendship and alliance.

"Today's visit is, of course, symbolic of the strength and the endurance of that relationship. A relationship we know will continue for a long, long time to come."

The USS John McCain, which has sailed from Brisbane, will stay in Sydney for five days before heading to Melbourne.


Teddy's Great White Fleet

JW/DW Digest 22nd, 23rd Aug 2008

An Last Launch

EA-6B Prowler aircraft and an F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft prepare for their last launch from the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk while under way in the Pacific Ocean, Aug. 6, 2008. The aircraft departed to join the USS George Washington in San Diego, Calif. The USS Kitty Hawk is returning to the United States to be decommissioned after 46 years of service. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle D. Gahlau

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, August 23, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****

Home page: <>

Jeffrey Imm: UK: New Documentary to Show Growing Islamic Supremacism in Mosques

Jeffrey Imm of the Anti-Jihad League of America, a longtime friend of Jihad Watch (whom I thank for links on practically a daily basis), here provides a report on ongoing jihadist activity in British mosques: The UK's Security Service MI-5...

Full article: <>

Fitzgerald: That genocidal hadith and the minds of Muslims

Robert Spencer reports that "the MSA of the University of Southern California became a focal point of this effort [to repudiate the genocidal hadith about Muslims killing Jews to bring on the end times] because it hosts a major online...

Full article: <>

Leader of Muslim Brotherhood-linked group to speak at Democratic National Convention

From the DNC website (thanks to Steve): Democratic Convention To Highlight Diverse Community Of Faith Leaders Working Toward Common Good August 16, 2008 First-Ever Faith Caucus Meetings to be Held at Democratic Convention Invocators and Benedictors to Include Pastor Joel...

Full article: <>

Spencer: Random House and the Islamic War against Free Speech

In FrontPage today I discuss more implications of the Random House decision to drop Sherry Jones's silly and stupid novel The Jewel of Medina: Although when Random House canceled publication of Sherry Jones' trashy novel about Muhammad's nine-year-old wife, Aisha,...

Full article: <>

Bolton, Spencer, Pamela

Late last night I was on KFNX with Pamela hosting, following the illustrious John Bolton. It was late, and I spoke freely. You can listen here....

Full article: <>

Pakistani lawyers: "United States of Al Qaeda, Allah willing"

Now that Musharraf is gone, even those classes one would have thought were least "radical" -- lawyers -- prove to be al-Qaeda supporters. "Pro-Al Qaeda signs at lawyers' rally," by Rana Tanveer for the Daily Times, August 22:LAHORE: Protesting...

Full article: <>

USC MSA removes, does not repudiate genocidal hadith

A third IslamoFascism Awareness Week is coming up, and this time at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, with which Jihad Watch is affiliated, we are focusing on the genocidal aspect of the jihad and the unsavory nature of the Muslim...

Full article: <>

Oxford study: Engineering degrees "over-represented" in jihadist organizations

Another blow to the "poverty-causes-terrorism" angle. And, as with the case of the MIT jihadist, it underscores how little attention is given to the question of who our own educational institutions may be equipping with knowledge they can later use...

Full article: <>

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for Algeria bombings

Continuing to increase its presence in North Africa. This emerging jihadist stronghold should be of particular concern to European countries on the other side of the Mediterranean, lest they find themselves with a second "Al-Qaeda Pipeline" (if "construction" isn't underway...

Full article: <>

Philippines: Government scraps peace deal with jihadists

An update on this story. "Philippines peace deal with Muslim rebels collapses," by Al Jacinto for the Los Angeles Times, August 22: ZAMBOANGA CITY, PHILIPPINES -- A tentative peace deal that came close to resolving decades of conflict between the...

Full article: <>

Philippines: MILF says "peace process in tatters"

A female Muslim displays her placard calling for peace as she shouts "Allah is Great" after the regular Friday prayer in Manila They must have recently gotten stronger, more confident that they can implement the "Medinan" phase of Islam...

Full article: <>

Fitzgerald: The situation of Israel is changing

GAZA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- Prime minister of the deposed Palestinian unity government Ismail Haneya said on Thursday that liberating Jerusalem and the holy al-Aqsa Mosque can only be achieved through Jihad (Holy War), instead of "absurd peace talks." --...

Full article: <>

The do-it-yourself jihad

Yet another Misunderstander of Islam comes to the crazy idea that jihad involves more than just inner spiritual struggle. "Jury hears of 'do-it-yourself jihad' book," by Margaret Scheikowski for AAP, August 21 (thanks to JE): A DO-IT-YOURSELF jihad book provided...

Full article: <>

Hamas top dog: Jerusalem can only be liberated by jihad, not negotiations

And he doesn't mean an interior spiritual struggle, either: Haneya has bought into the Islamophobic notion that jihad has something to do with warfare. Ibrahim Hooper, call your office! "Haneya: Jerusalem can only be "liberated" through Holy war, not talks,"...

Full article: <>

Race to destroy Israel and hasten the coming of the Mahdi hits a snag

A rather dismal display. "Iran missile test failed: US observers," from AFP, August 20 (thanks to all who sent this in): [...] Iran announced on Sunday that it had successfully launched into space a missile with a dummy satellite. There...

Full article: <>

***** DHIMMI WATCH *****

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Senior citizen to be put to death if he doesn't divorce 76 of his 80 wives

Update to this story. "Death verdict for man with 80 wives," from, August 23:LAGOS: An Islamic body in Nigeria has issued a death sentence on a man who married 80 women against the maximum of four allowed by Islam,...

Full article: <>

Indonesia warns about upcoming German conference, insisting that there must "be sensitivity because such an event will only worsen misunderstanding"

Not to mention lead to Muslim riots meant to demonstrate that Islam is a religion of peace. Update to this story. "Anti-Islam congress counterproductive to interfaith dialogs," from Antara News, August 22:Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Indonesia, the world`s largest Moslem...

Full article: <>

Italy's former Prez admits they tried to bribe jihadists and buy safety

And it didn't work, of course. It never does. Aethelred the Unready Alert: "Italy's ex-president admits terror deal," from the Jerusalem Post, August 19 (thanks to all who sent this in): A former Italian president says his country had allowed...

Full article: <>

Saudis: Jews give you cancer!

Our Friends and Allies the Saudis Update: "Saudis warn: Israeli products cancerous," by Rachelle Kliger for the Media Line News Agency, August 21 (thanks to Writer Mom): Saudi trade officials are warning against what they claim to be cancerous products...

Full article: <>

Olympics: hijab-clad sprinter beats infidels at their own games

As an athlete, good for her. As a Muslima participating in a wholly infidel event that has absolutely no connection to Islam -- women racing and being awarded medals representative of mushrik Greece? -- well, the following Koranic verse...

Full article: <>

Malaysia court: Muslim convert's past identity "ceased to exist" upon conversion

Another no-brainer (see below) that may have to go to the supreme court. More on this story. "Malaysia: Court denies woman's appeal to leave Islam," from Inspire, August 21:A civil court has denied a woman's appeal to renounce Islam in...

Full article: <>

Pakistan: kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam Christian girls still unable to go home

Imagine, a case that would be a no-brainer -- kidnappers go to jail, girls return home -- in Pakistan, "Land of the Pure," has to drag on for months and go to the "supreme court." More on this story. "Pakistan;...

Full article: <>

Chicago-area official won't apologize for anti-Sharia email

Windy City anti-dhimmitude: "The e-mail's basic message was that people coming to this country should adapt." And that ain't "hate." An update on this story. "Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff stands by e-mail on Islam, immigrants: Official does not apologize...

Full article: <>

U.S. CENTCOM News 18th-23rd Aug 2008

Rush Hour Traffic

An F/A-18F Super Hornet assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 102 launches from the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk for the last time in Pacific Ocean, Aug 6, 2008. Carrier Air Wing 5 aircraft flew off Kitty Hawk to join the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington in San Diego. In September, George Washington will replace Kitty Hawk as the Navy's only carrier operating from Japan. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle D. Gahlau

US CENTCOM Latest News Feed

Formerly violent Afghan district dubbed 'peaceful'

Posted: 21 Aug 2008 03:27 AM CDT

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (August 13, 2008) – Residents in Anaba celebrated the naming of their district as "peaceful."

U.S. Central Command Conducts Training

Posted: 22 Aug 2008 09:09 AM CDT

MacDill Air Force Base, Fla. (August 22, 2008) – The United States Central Command has deployed approximately 200 personnel from Tampa to Central Command Forward Headquarters in the Middle East to conduct training on the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

'Normalcy' returning to Kirkuk village

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 02:33 AM CDT

KIRKUK (Aug. 19, 2008) – Already accustomed to seclusion, residents in Gaydah were surprised when American Soldiers arrived in February.

Iraqi troops fill Georgians' security role

Posted: 18 Aug 2008 02:51 AM CDT

FOB DELTA (Aug. 15, 2008) – A brigade of Iraqi troops offered their help to maintain security in Wasit after Gergian troops left Iraq.

Bahrain Defense Force chief of staff vsits NAVCENT HQ

Posted: 28 Apr 2008 09:14 AM CDT

MANAMA, Bahrain – Bahrain Defense Force Chief of Staff Gen. Shaikh Duaij Bin Salman Al-Alkhalifa visited U.S. Naval Forces Central Command headquarters April 27 to discuss Bahrain's role in the Coalition as well as Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 operations.

Iraqi, American city councils share ideas on local government

Posted: 15 Aug 2008 02:56 AM CDT

HANSCOM AFB, Mass. (Aug. 12, 2008) – New Bedford city council members met officials from various districts in Iraq via satellite.

U.S. troops bring safe water to Kenyans

Posted: 14 Aug 2008 03:30 AM CDT

GARISSA, Kenya (Aug. 13, 2008) – American troops joined Kenyan officals and the villagers of Shabah and Delolo to open two new wells.