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Europe News Summary 25th, 26th June 2008


Press Review » June 26 2008


Call for action on Muslim youth

Sliding toward irrelevance

Extra security at train stations amid terror attack fears

Ahmadinejad condemns EU bank freeze

Adrian Hamilton: McEwan's attack on Islam reveals only his ignorance

Muslims Lawyers to Combat Forced Marriages

Witnesses in murder and terror cases will have IDs kept secret

Exclusive: The Last Year of the Pig?

Spanish minister under fire for criticizing Islamic headscarf

Netherlands: Government to probe mosque schools

How EU Leaders Are Trying to Rescue the Lisbon Treaty

EU: reform or self destruct

George Orwell meets the OIC

Critical Turkish look at traditional stories about Muhammad

Turkey criticised for rise of torture cases

Christians on trial in Algeria for spreading faith

George Orwell meets the Organization of the Islamic Conferene

CAIR's Traitorous Cop Ally

The Oppression of Islam

Rockets hit Israel, breaking Hamas truce

Beyond social contract or before Peace of Westphalia?

EU: reform or self destruct

Derby: Germany - Turkey

National Human Development Report 2008 - Youth in Turkey

Danish Constitution Day speech

The European Union: A Prison of Nations

Muhammad meets Malinowski

Islamic Law vs Human Rights

Sam Solomon "A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding"

Press Review » June 25 2008

Top Muslim policeman preparing for race tribunal

Blond, white schoolboy is al-Qa'eda extremist, say police

Knighthood goes to author Rushdie

A Caledonian caliphate?

Derby: Germany - Turkey

French nuclear diplomacy - a step too far?

Muslims should be free to convert, says cardinal, after death threats

Danish taxpayers help restore virginity

Norwegian funds for Palestinian refugee camp

George Orwell meets the OIC

Morocco: Women must not marry non-Muslim European men, says imam

Russian FM stresses expansion of ties with Muslim world

CAIR's Traitorous Cop Ally

The “Oppression” of Islam

Rockets hit Israel, breaking Hamas truce

Ireland Rejects the Lisbon Treaty

Derby: Germany - Turkey

Book Essay: The Great Deception (Part 1)

National Human Development Report 2008 - Youth in Turkey

Danish Constitution Day speech

The European Union: A Prison of Nations

Muhammad meets Malinowski

Islamic Law vs Human Rights

Sam Solomon "A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding"

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JW/DW Digest 27th, 28th June 2008


Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, June 28, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****

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Hamas slams Fatah for violating the truce

In case you've left your scorecard at home, the State Department's version is that Hamas are the bloodthirsty jihad terrorists, while Fatah are the peaceful, pragmatic moderates. Of course, Fatah has never actually been that, and here is yet more...

Full article: <>

Jailed jihadist professor indicted for refusal to testify about Islamic charities

CAIR is in his corner, of course, and everyone is working hard to make him seem to be a martyr. But what does he have to hide? What would he be able to reveal about the IIIT, which was listed...

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Extra lettuce? Special orders might upset us. (Are you willing to take that risk?) From our ever-expanding You-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up File: "Lebanon's 'Buns and Guns' Fast-Food Restaurant Celebrates Hezbollah's Shiite Militants," from the Associated Press, June 26: BEIRUT, Lebanon - At...

Full article: <>

Mohammed al-Dura was not killed

Melanie Phillips explores a modern-day blood libel that has caused innumerable actual deaths. "Faking a Killing," in Standpoint, July 2008 (thanks to Dave): On September 30 2000, two days after Ariel Sharon, then the leader of Israel's opposition Likud Party,...

Full article: <>

Virginia Islamic Academy had its corporate charter revoked and never filled out IRS forms

Surprise, surprise. But will their Saudi connection bail them out? I would guess that it probably will. "Virginia's Islamic Academy on Shaky Legal Ground," by Patrick Poole for Pajamas Media, June 27: An investigation by Pajamas Media has found that...

Full article: <>

Saudis arrest 701 with "deviant" ideology that they themselves promote

This sounds great until one remembers that they have long been financing that "deviant ideology" outside the Kingdom. "Saudi Arabia arrests 700 preparing 'oil attacks,'" from AFP, June 26 (thanks to all who sent this in): OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia...

Full article: <>

While jihadists accuse Israel of violating truce, Israel debates whether to fight back at all

Irony. They're being accused of violating the truce and they can't even decide to fight back at all. War Is Deceit Update: "Terrorists: Israel Violated Truce; Livni Wants IDF To Act," by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, June...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****

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Switzerland: Muslim immigrants convicted of genital mutilation

It is refreshing to see this prosecuted, rather than being pandered to by bemused multiculturalists. "Parents convicted of genital mutilation," from Swissinfo, June 26 (thanks to Writer Mom): Two Somali-born parents who had their daughter circumcised in Zurich in 1996...

Full article: <>

Conference on antisemitism and "Islamophobia" can't find any Muslim speakers

Not a single one was free. "Jews but no Muslims at Racism Conference," from The Jewish Chronicle, June 27: The first conference to compare antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe was held in London this week - but without any Muslim...

Full article: <>

UK: Police dogs trained to sniff out terrorists won't touch Muslims -- it offends them

UPDATE June 27, 9:39AM PDT: It looks as if the dogs will be sniffing around Muslims after all. Muslims objected, but their objections were overruled. See "Muslims will be searched by sniffer dogs despite religious objections, say police," from the...

Full article: <>

Russia paying to support Islam

RussiaÂ's ultimate motivation is the deciding factor on whether this is a good or bad move: Is Russia funding Â"the translation and publication of books on Islam in RussianÂ" in order to objectively learn more about the truths of the...

Full article: <>

"All Iraqi Christians paid"

This surprisingly honest account from the New York Times shows the jizya -- the tax on the People of the Book (primarily Jews and Christians) by Qur'an 9:29 -- for what it is: protection money. Pay up, or get killed....

Full article: <>

"Women have slowly, painfully won the right to be considered equal to men in status and freedoms. Do we betray that ideal now by approving a form of union in which women are inevitably subservient?"

With a bit more bite than The Age, the great Andrew Bolt weighs in on the Australia polygamy controversy: "Polygamy - the right to put down women," from the Herald Sun, June 27: WE haven't heard the last of this...

Full article: <>

Gender equality and polygamy not compatible

The Age editorializes about the Muslim push to legalize polygamy in Australia. "Gender equality and polygamy are not compatible," June 27: [...] As The Age has argued before, there are fundamental values that must be accepted by all who live...

Full article: <>

India: Christian pilgrims want concessions govt gives Muslims for Hajj

The Indian government subsidizes the Hajj. Can't Christians get comparable consideration? Or do Muslims have the privileged status in India that they are trying to win in the West? "Christians seek Haj-like sops," from The Hindu, June 27 (thanks to...

Full article: <>

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Friday, June 27, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****

Jihadists torch ski resort hotel
"The area is not under our control, it's under the militants' control and no one can go there." And another peace accord bites the dust. Hudaibiyya, anyone? "Militants torch Pakistani ski resort hotel: police," by Junaid Khan for Reuters, June...Full article: <>

Gaza truce again violated with rocket attack, Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claims responsibility
As was the case with the last truce, jihadists are pressing additional demands -- namely, the extension of the truce to the West Bank -- now that the cease-fire is in place. And despite these violations, if Israel acts, it...Full article: <>

Supporters urge passage of the national version of New York State's "Rachel's Law" -- The Free Speech Protection Act
A national version of New York State's "Rachel's Law" is gaining bipartisan support: Please - SUPPORT passage of the NATIONAL version of New York State's "Rachel's Law"---THE FREE SPEECH PROTECTION ACT (S-2977 & H.R. 5814)---- The "Free Speech Protection Act"...Full article: <>

Lawyer for JFK Airport jihadist says charges "exaggerated"
Grossly exaggerated. See, they really only intended to blow up half of the airport. "Three deny JFK terror plot claims," from the BBC, June 26 (thanks to Charles Martel): Three men from the Caribbean have appeared in court in the...Full article: <>

***** DHIMMI WATCH *****

Tajikistan's only synagogue demolished to make way for presidential palace
An update on this story. "Tajikistan's Jews despair as only synagogue razed," from Reuters, June 25: Tajikistan has knocked down its only synagogue to make way for a new presidential palace, casting the Jewish community into despair, community members said...Full article: <>

Yemeni MPs: No to genital mutilation, 18 is minimum marriage age
With opposition from the Sharia Committee. "MPS say: no to genital mutilation, 18 is minimum marriage age, juveniles cannot be punished as adults," by Kawkab Al-Thaibani for the Yemen Times, June 24 (thanks to Morgaan Sinclair): SANA'A, June 24 -...Full article: <>

WW2 Pacific Veterans - Battle for Australia Day

Battle won on dedicated Pacific war day
Patrick Walters, National security editor June 26, 2008

AFTER a long campaign by the RSL and a group of dedicated World War II Pacific veterans, the Rudd Government will today officially declare the first Wednesday in September "Battle for Australia Day".

Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin will announce the new official commemoration, which marks the year 1942, when Australia thwarted Japan's southward advance into New Guinea and the Coral Sea.

Governor-General Michael Jeffery officially proclaimed "Battle for Australia Day" as a national day of observance in a proclamation published in yesterday's Commonwealth Gazette.

Kokoda - Front Line.

Kokoda - R.A.A.F Eagles over New Guinea.

Appointment in Tokyo (1 of 6)

The idea for a special Battle for Australia Day commemoration was first raised more than a decade ago by the RSL with the veterans' organisation wanting a sharper focus on the momentous events of 1942 in the southwest Pacific.

While the proposal won in-principle endorsement from the Howard government, it has been strongly challenged by mainstream military historians who reject the formal notion of a "Battle for Australia".

"We are commemorating a battle which did not occur. Australians want to commemorate their wartime experience, but they have chosen the wrong vehicle," leading military historian Peter Stanley told The Australian last night.

Dr Stanley, the author of a book to be published next week on the battle for Australia, says the new "revisionist" view of 1942 has never figured in general histories of Australia or in specialist studies of the Pacific war.

The RSL has cited a speech by wartime prime minister John Curtin in February 1942 as the inspiration for the concept.

At that time, Curtin said the fall of Singapore "opens the battle for Australia".

The RSL and the unofficial Battle for Australia Council has wanted to see much more visible recognition of the series of 1942 battles against the Japanese, including the initial victory at Milne Bay in early 1942 followed by the battle of the Coral Sea and the Kokoda campaign.,25197,23923683-31477,00.html


Crucial Wombat Time

The Wombat (Vombatus ursinus)

Treasury boss Ken Henry leaves post to look after wombats

By Steve Lewis, National Political Correspondent

June 27, 2008 12:00am

THE man at the helm of Australia's troubled economy will leave his post for nearly five weeks to look after a colony of endangered wombats.

Ken Henry, the Treasury Secretary, will miss an important Reserve Bank board meeting and be without a mobile phone as he ventures into remote Epping Forest National Park in central Queensland.

The Coalition has questioned who will be running economic policy at a "crucial time", with key decisions pending on carbon trading, tax reform and foreign investment.

Wombats in Cradle Mountain National Park

All his professional duties, including completing a first draft of the Government's "root and branch" tax review, will be delegated to other Treasury officials.

Link & Related :,22049,23928916-5007132,00.html

Editorial: What is behind Mr Henry's decision?

eye of the wombat

Common Wombats

Let me say right from the start (from personal experience) Wombats are smart. They have a large brain and they know how to use it. They are frolicsome and will play with what seems like inexhaustible energy. They are also quite fast afoot, able to run at around 40 km/hr. They are particularly fast and smart when a packet of chocolate biscuits is about to be put out of reach.


Wild Wombats

Mange in Wombats

The story of Brutus

The Adventures of Barry the Wombat (Aussie Humor, watch at own risk)

Cranky common wombat

Wombat Information Homepage

If you don't know what a wombat is, then you've come to the right place. We have articles about the wombat's behavior, diet, physical characteristics, and life cycle, as well as picture galleries and an extensive list of links.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Australia Next

this comment says it all:

Hitler was for Gun control. Stalin was for gun control. As soon as the guns were taken from ordinary people the genocide started. The second amendment was not written so that people could go hunting it was meant for the citizens to defend themselves against overbearing government or tyrants. In Australia we have no means of defending our selves against a Government that has gone bad. It has not happened yet but it will happen and we will be defenseless.

US court to rule on the right to bear arms

From correspondents in Washington DC

June 26, 2008 02:47pm

  • US Supreme Court to rule on right to bear arms
  • Decision will be first of its kind for seven decades
  • Expected to have major impact on US gun control

  • THE highest court in the United States is set to issue a ruling for the first time in seven decades on the highly emotional issue of the constitutional right to bear arms.

The US Supreme Court's decision - on whether the right to keep and bear arms is fundamentally an individual or collective right - is expected to have a far-reaching impact on US gun control laws, experts say.



BELLEVUE, WA – With this morning’s ruling on the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, America has begun “its long march back toward liberty under a Second Amendment that means what it says,” the Second Amendment Foundation said.

“Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court should forever put to rest any contention that the right to keep and bear arms is not a fundamental, individual civil right,” said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb. “For six decades, anti-gun rights extremists have engaged in a monumental fraud that has been unfortunately perpetuated by activist judges who erroneously insisted that the right to keep and bear arms applies only to service in a militia.

“Wisdom and truth have triumphed over hysteria and falsehood,” he continued. “This decision makes it clear that a right ‘of the people’ is a right enjoyed by, and affirmed for, all citizens. It destroys a cornerstone of anti-gun rights elitism, which has fostered – through years of deceit and political demagoguery – the erosion of this important civil right.

“This ruling also makes it abundantly clear that laws which ban the possession of firearms, or make it simply impossible through regulation for citizens to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, are unconstitutional and cannot stand,” Gottlieb stated. “Today, America has taken a small but significant step toward restoring the Second Amendment to its proper place in our Bill of Rights.

“For too many years,” he observed, “Americans have seen this fundamental civil right under constant and unrelenting attack. We are hopeful that today’s decision will halt an insidious campaign for citizen disarmament through legislation and regulations that have made our neighborhoods less safe, our cities less secure and our people less self-reliant, which is the trait that has made America unique among nations.

“But this fight is hardly over,” Gottlieb concluded. “Today’s ruling is a stepping stone, the foundation upon which we can rebuild this important individual right. Our work has only just begun.”


Australia Next!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

JW/DW Digest 25th, 26th June 2008

MQ-9 Reaper Armed with GPS-Guided Weapon

The first live release of a Global Positioning System guided bomb unit-49 weapon from an MQ-9 Reaper took place May 13 at the Naval Air Warfare Center's Weapons Division at China Lake, Calif. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, June 26, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****

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"He is not a Muslim..But he is being influenced and intoxicated by the imagery and appeal of Jihadist and other internet violence "

"White boy, 12, suspected of being Islamic extremist recruit after he showed beheading videos to classmates," from Daily Mail, June 25: A 12-year-old white schoolboy is among 120 people being dealt with by police in a new project combating Islamic-inspired...Full article: <>

Iran: Our nukes are peaceful, but we'll nuke you if you resist

War Is Peace Alert: those nukes are not hard to make from our peaceful nuclear program if you give us trouble, says Larijani. "Iran issues warning over nuclear program," by Ali Akbar Dareini for Associated Press, June 25 (thanks to...Full article: <>

Spencer: George Orwell meets the OIC

In Human Events today I discuss the latest developments in the Islamic world's war on free speech (news links in the original): "We sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed." That...Full article: <>

Spencer: Free Speech Dies at the UN

In FrontPage today I discuss the death of free speech at the UN Human Rights Council (news links in the original): The war against free speech is advancing rapidly: Associated Press reported Thursday that Â"Muslim countries have won a battle...Full article: <>

Iraqi research group says poverty causes women to become suicide bombers (which is why there are so many female Haitian suicide bombers)

Jihad Watch reader Nicolei, who kindly sent this in, comments: "The Iraqi Christians are just as poor if not worse off than the Iraqi Muslims. Yet the Christians don't resort to suicide bombings. Have the Muslims ever wondered why the...Full article: <>

***** DHIMMI WATCH *****

Home page: <>

Breaking news: Muslim women must not marry non-Muslim men!

Surprise, surprise. "Women must not marry non-Muslim European men, says imam," from AKI, June 25: Rabat, 25 June (AKI) - An imam in Morocco's eastern city of Fez has said that marriages between Moroccan women and European men who are...Full article: <>

A Victory for Anti-Dhimmitude?

Could it be? A show of infidel defiance from none other than the Queen of Great Britain -- the fabled land where "underground" sharia law permeates regions such as Londonistan. After outraging the umma a year ago by announcing that...Full article: <>

Saudi "marriage officiant": Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and had sex with her when she was nine

Over the years I've gotten a great deal of abuse for telling the truth about Islam and jihad here, but probably more for pointing out that Islamic tradition says that Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated...Full article: <>

France: Muslim father demands, receives, removal of crucifix from hospital room

Cultural Collapse Update: "Muslim Father Demands Removal Of Crucifix From French Catholic Hospital Room," from Covenant Zone, June 24 (thanks to Paul), where this item from the French newspaper Le Figaro is translated: After vehement demands, a muslim obtained the...Full article: <>

UK: Muslim "youth" walks free after "mistaken" attack on priest

It was a "mistake," not a jihad. Cut Babul Islam some slack. After all, I mistakenly beat someone up just the other day. Mistakes will be made. "Youth walks free after gang attack on priest," by Suzy Austin in,...Full article: <>

Anti-dhimmitude in Oz: Attorney General rejects Muslim request to legalize polygamy

A morsel of cultural self-defense. "No recognition for polygamous marriage:
A-G," from Australia's ABC News, June 25 (thanks to all who sent this in): The Federal Government has rejected calls from two Muslim leaders to recognise polygamous marriage. The President...Full article: <>

Bawer: The Times, It Ain't a-Changin'

Bruce Bawer has a thought-provoking piece in Pajamas Media today, "The Times, It Ain't A-Changin'," about what we have pointed out here many times: that "just as it once did with the dangers of Stalinism and Hitlerism, the New York...Full article: <>

Canadian parliamentary committee hears: Jihadists crucifying children to terrorize their Christian parents into fleeing Iraq

"It's part of a systemic -- and very effective -- campaign to ethnically cleanse the area of any non-Muslims." Islamic Tolerance Alert. "Iraqi Christians are targets of cleansing, committee told: One in three a refugee, but Chaldo-Assyrians want to remain...Full article: <>

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
Home page: <>

Iraq: U.S.-allied pol opens fire on U.S. troops, kills 2I have pointed out many, many times that there is no reliable way to distinguish jihadists from peaceful Muslims. Here is yet another indication of that. But the implications of this remain unexplored, in Iraq and domestically. "U.S.-allied Iraqi politician...Full article: <>

Muslims' Danish-Dutch boycott designed to bring about "universal law that prohibits the defamation of any prophet or religion"

Buy these products! The goal of the boycott, you see, is a "universal law" forbidding "defamation of religions" -- which in practice will mean forbidding honest discussion of the jihad and Islamic supremacism. "Boycott campaign moves ahead, issues new...Full article: <>

"Not a soul appears to have said, 'Brother, you know this stuff ain't sanctioned by the old Koran."

In writing about the Khawaja trial in Canada, Christie Blatchford exposes with a single observation the utter intellectual vacuity of the "Islam Is A Religion Of Peace That Has Been Hijacked By A Tiny Minority Of Extremists" idea: "Not a...Full article: <>

Jihadists hit Israel with rockets, breaking "truce"

Well, that took even less time than usual -- making it even clearer than it was already that the truce offer itself was just an attempt to buy a respite for the jihadists and get Israel to put its guard...Full article: <>

"World events are forcing us to look beyond our comfort barriers"

"A closer look at Islam," by Joe Sarnicola in The Citizen, June 21: About 20 people gave up a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon to learn more about Islam at the Unitarian Universalist Church. The church's Social Responsibilities Committee sponsored...Full article: <>

California: Jihadist in plot to attack military sites, synagogues, sentenced to 22 years

Levar Haley Washington Update. "Man sentenced in California terrorism probe," from the Associated Press, June 23: One of four men accused of plotting from behind bars to attack military sites, synagogues and other targets in California has been sentenced to...Full article: <>

Ontario Thought Police: Maclean's mag "contributing to Islamophobia and promoting societal intolerance towards Muslim, Arab and South Asian Canadians"

This weaselly, mealy-mouthed statement from the Thought Police comes from April 9, but I just saw it today, and so although I don't usually post archived material, I believe it provides important background on what the Thought Police are thinking...Full article: <>

Sectarian clashes erupt again in northern Lebanon

"Violence has erupted in various parts of the country in recent days between supporters of the ruling majority and militants from the opposition backed by Syria and Iran." "Fierce clashes rage in north Lebanon," by Omar Ibrahim for Agence France-Presse,...Full article: <>

Canadian jihadist: "The kuffar [infidels] are treacherous and understand only death and destruction"

A bit of projection there. This guy was plotting to attack civilian targets in London, including possibly a night club and power grids, and he says that unbelievers understand only death and destruction."Khawaja lived for jihad, Crown alleges," by Colin...Full article: <>

Fitzgerald: The old and new generation in Algeria

"'The foundation of religion, I learned in school,' said Mr. Bou Bekeur's son, Abdel Rahman, 25. 'We pray more than them and we know religion better than them,' he said of his father's generation. 'We are more religious. My father...Full article: <>

The tragedy of the free speech crisis is that most people don't give a damn

So says Canadian journalist and politician Peter Worthington, and he's right. "Anyone care about free speech?" by Peter Worthington in the Toronto Sun, June 23 (thanks to all who sent this in): The tragedy of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal's...Full article: <>

OIC: Lack of punishment for cartoons will lead to more "Islamophobia"

The problem here, of course, is that while "almost all Western governments including the USA had made categorical statements rejecting any linkage between Islam and terrorism," there are Muslims who keep linking them up again. But the OIC has nothing...Full article: <>

***** DHIMMI WATCH *****

Home page: <>

"I am in favour of his death"

Sharia Alert: "Afghanistan: Death penalty call for man who spread Koran translation," by Syed Saleem Shahzad in AKI, June 23: Islam of course carries the death penalty for any number of "transgressions," but one wonders if Muslims ever ask themselves...Full article: <>

Bill Warner: Measuring Mohammed and Dhimmitude

The superb analyst Bill Warner measures our dhimmitude: If you are willing to do some math that is no harder than counting how many apples you have in your shopping cart, you can measure the core of Islamic political doctrine...Full article: <>

Fitzgerald: Sarkozy is a great disappointment

"And the French envoy said that she will present several issues with the Israeli side concerned with the commencement of the execution of the Industrial zone such as easing movement in Bethlehem and the subject of providing the Industrial zone...Full article: <>

Malaysian city: Muslim women should avoid bright lipstick, high heels

Because it is always the woman's responsibility to pose no temptation, not the man's to control himself. "The rest is up to them. If they want to follow the 100 percent Islamic way, it's up to them." Oh, sure --...Full article: <>

Barry Rubin: "They're Dictators and Terrorists But What Clean Streets!"

Barry Rubin marks the first anniversary of Hamas' power in Gaza with an apposite prescription: "any Westerner favoring a strategy that strengthens Hamas should be forced to live under its rule." Hamas celebrated its first anniversary of power in the...Full article: <>