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Master Faith

'UN human rights council is oxymoron' – Netanyahu to UNGA 2014 (FULL SPEECH)

Latte Salute

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Judge Jeanine: It's US vs THEM - Time to Wake Up!

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The Islamic State vs. the Qur’an

Nicolai Sennels Sep 25, 2014


ISIS Symbol

Index finger symbol

 a web comment-

The Islamic State militants, known as ISIS, are now using a single, raised index finger as the symbol of their cause. It’s a well-known sign of power and victory around the world, but for ISIS, it has a more sinister meaning.  

Nathaniel Zelinsky writes in Foreign Affairs that the gesture refers to the tawhid,"the belief in the oneness of God and a key component of the Muslim religion." More specifically, though, it refers to their fundamentalist interpretation of the tawhid, which rejects any other view, including other Islamic interpretations, as idolatry. Zelinsky writes that when ISIS uses the gesture, it is affirming an ideology that demands the destruction of the West, as well as any form of pluralism. For potential recruits around the globe, it also shows their belief that they will dominate the world. http://www.pri.org/stories/201...



Sep 26, 2014  | Robert Spencer

The Oklahoma beheader’s Muslim name is Jah’Keem Yisrael. His Facebook page (thanks to Pamela Geller) is all about Islam. It is not only full of Qur’anic and moral exhortations, but also several pictures of Yisrael at a local mosque. Watch for mosque officials to say they hardly knew him and to complain about “Islamophobia” and […]

Death from above

New Inquisition

Laughing at the new Inquisition

Espouse Peace

Memo to ABC: you can’t negotiate with someone determined to kill you

Herald- Sun/Andrew Bolt

But from 7.30 last night:
LEIGH SALES: ...(H)ow will you have a two-state solution if you’re not prepared to negotiate with Hamas? 

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Well, I don’t negotiate with people who want to destroy me ... People who are out to destroy you are not candidates for negotiation. You make peace but only with an enemy that wants peace. An enemy that wants to eradicate you from the face of the Earth: there’s nothing to negotiate about. We want to talk to those Palestinians who reject Hamas. That’s why I’ve asked president Abbas to reject Hamas and espouse peace. You can’t have Hamas and peace. You have to choose one or the other. We choose peace.  

LEIGH SALES: But you have to negotiate with who is the representative of 1.8 million Gazans and that is Hamas, otherwise there is no prospect for a two-state solution?

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Hamas is not the representative. Hamas is their jailer. Hamas has oppressed them. There was only one election in Gaza: once. After that, there are no elections; there are executions. Hamas executed dozens of Palestinians who don’t agree with them during the last war that they forced on their people, using them as civilian shields and when people protested they put a bullet in their heads… They don’t represent anyone in Gaza. They rule them with an iron fist. This is a terrorist tyranny. I will not accord them any legitimacy. Neither should anyone else.


No problem

Fossil Love

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ruthless and Ferocious

Ralph Peters: Victory against ISIS is possible "if you are willing to be ruthless and ferocious"

Krauthammer: Obama's UN Speech 'A Surrender On Iran'

Lt. Col Ralph Peters on bombing ISIS: Tactical success is "acres and acres of dead terrorists"

Krauthammer 1/2 Victory Against ISIS

Jihad anyway

Australia: Muslim who threatened Prime Minister stabs police officer and federal agent, is shot dead

Robert Spencer Sep 23, 2014 

“Senior intelligence sources confirmed he was among a number of people who had their passports recently cancelled.” But he found a way to wage jihad anyway. “Man shot dead, two counter-terrorism officers stabbed outside Endeavour Hills police station,” by Angus Thompson, Simon Benson, Anthony Dowsley, Herald Sun, September 23, 2014 […]

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Free Hugs

Be Prepared

Andrew Klavan: Is ISIS Islamic?

Judge Jeanine - Be Prepared, Govt Won't Protect You from ISIS/ISIL

Obama Says America Muslim Nation


Don't mess with us.

Offered for sale

Facebook And Amazon Still Selling ISIS Merchandise…

The items offered for sale include baseball caps, clothing and jewelry – many bearing the familiar black flag associated with the terrorist group and its slogan, “Baqiyah.”


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