Thursday, November 28, 2013

If I Were the Devil

If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation)


Embrace the Anglosphere

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British Member of European Parliament: Barack Obama is not the leader of the free world

America and the Western world have a choice: embrace the Anglosphere…or succumb to progressivism

Anglosphere values and institutions such as individual liberty, religious freedom, representative government and property rights are exceptional and taken together represent a system superior to those of all other cultures.

“I’d have to say that we’re [the U.K.] in worse shape – although we are now pulling back, while you, dear cousins, hurry to overtake us,” he said in response to a question on the state of the U.S. “Frankly, though, neither the U.S. nor the U.K. is an especially good advertisement for Anglosphere values these days. Canadians are doing better than either of us, Australians better yet. Their prime ministers, Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott, are the true leaders of the free world.” 
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Blazing Fast Review: British MEP Daniel Hannan makes a spirited case for the exceptionalism of the Anglosphere, and harkens a call for its people to uphold its values, for the benefit of all of civilization.


Aussie Politics

The Bolt Report on Channel 10

The Bolt Report

Meanwhile.... Welfare


Welfare Recipient: "I Get to Sit Home...

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Thursday, November 21, 2013


“Socialism masquerading as environmentalism”

Australian PM
Tony Abbott

The Scam is Up...... 

Serial Fraud

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Committed Serial Fraud - Impeachment Is a Remedy

Hitler's health insurance is cancelled

"Grinding Up The Little Boys"


8 min of Lava Goodness

Etna volcano eruption 

Friday, November 08, 2013

Trailer Time

Michael Bay's THE LAST SHIP Series Trailer

The Last Days on Mars Trailer 2013 Liev Schreiber Movie - Official [HD

The Cross


The Cross - Billy Graham's Message To America

Some Pics

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Air & Ground

Rise to Reclaim

Rush bashes Obama for 'not knowing jack'

WASHINGTON — It is a lose-lose situation for President Obama.
The president looks bad either way: Either he approved of spying on friendly countries or he did not know what his spy agency was doing.

NSA scandal proves 'We're being governed by sheer idiocy'


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