Monday, April 29, 2013

The Judge

Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom: Lady, You Shouldn't Be Allowed Here" ...


Friday, April 26, 2013

Fox is on it....

4/25/13 Suspect #2 shut up after Miranda rights read. FBI says valuable info lost. Bravo, Obama. Bravo, Holder. Once again you have aided and abetted the cause of jihad: LINK: Dennis Miller Unleashed on The Boston Terrorists - Bill O'Reilly - 4-24-13 Adam Carolla's Take on the Boston Terror Attack - Bill O'Reilly - 4-22-13 CAIR Director: Radical Islam Is Not Primary Driver of Terror In the World


The Sleeping Dragon web comment: Muslims have awakened an extremely tolerant, peace-loving but somewhat still-sleeping dragon. They'd best remember that there are still over 1 billion more Christians in the world compared to members of their Anti-Christ cult. Our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan are bravely defending the extinction of their faith and offering a glimpse of what may come on a larger scale if muslims continue to engage in evil savagery against their non-muslim neighbors. Prayers for their protection and victory

Treasonous Ruling Class

Australian Intelligence Officer Disciplined for Linking Islam With Terrorism Our own authorities are on the side of our enemies. How can we prevail under these circumstances like these? The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has charged an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer, Bernard Gaynor, for discussing links between Islam and terrorist activity. The charges were laid [Monday], despite an internal investigation by the ADF’s Investigative Service finding that there was no basis for disciplinary action. Gaynor is not backing down. As he observes, “This kind of stupidity … explains the logical inconsistency between fighting a war against people who espouse violent Islamic beliefs while at the same time having an immigration policy that allows people with the same ideology to settle into [i.e., colonize] Australia.” The same lunatic political correctness that allowed Nidal Malik Hasan to fester behind our own lines despite waving a pageant of red flags until he unleashed a terrorist bloodbath at Fort Hood continues to thrive. Muslims have been trying to obliterate the West for centuries, but only now do they have the advantage of an alliance with our demented and treasonous ruling class. from:

Funny Business

Glenn Beck laid out what he knows about the Saudi connection to the Boston marathon bombings.

Stop the Jihad

O'Reilly Goes Off - Challenges Brokaw to Come On Show & Spew His Leftist Pamela Geller - Jihad In Boston, Jihad In America, Stop The Jihad - 4/20/13 Krauthammer Slams Obama: Anybody Over the Age of 9 Knows Radical Islam Is Cause of Terrorism

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Tits

Funny pics

Motivated by Islam

Michael Coren's Sun TV O'Reilly Goes Off - Challenges Brokaw to Come On Show & Spew His Leftist

Oh Yes

Enemy of Freedom

The truth is incorrect "Cowboys and Communists (Moonbattery)

Shrink Wrapped Boat

LOSER: "Gunfight at the Shrink-Wrapped Boat," starring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Rush Limbaugh: Will the Boston Marathon bomber be hired to teach at a uni Melbourne Herald-Sun “Jihad in America.” Steve Emerson New Gingrich: Obama Administration “So Pro-Islamic That It Can’t Even Tell the Truth About People Trying to Kill Us”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Real Battle in the West

Robert Spencer speaks at Free Speech Rally on Long Island, April 14, 2013 web comment: Anyone in the West who denounces this man doesn't deserve the freedom they take for granted or the oxygen they breathe. The political left makes me sick. Pamela Geller's Banned Synagogue Talk, April 14, 2013

No Time for Stupidity

Political correctness is stupidity. People are not equals. If they believe in evil ideologies they become evil and do evil. Those who want to kill you should not have the same rights as those who want to live with you in peace and harmony. -Ali Sina

R.I.P. Maggie

The New Jaws

Goliath Tigerfish....from Africa.

Joint Base Pearl

The guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy passes by the Missing Man Memorial on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Pearl Harbor, March 29, 2013. The destroyer is named after Lt. Michael P. Murphy, the first person to be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan, and the first member of the U.S. Navy to receive the award since the Vietnam War. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Diana Quinlan

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Terror * Warning Graphic

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Extreme PC