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R/C Masters

At the Electric Indoor Masters 2013. Read more at more r/c fun The Greatest RC Car Chase Ever

Interfaita Outreach

Pamela Geller on CNN Countering a Vicious Islamic Supremacist on the AFDI Bus Pamela Geller on Hannity Mideast Special on the Global Jihad Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on DHS giving Saudis "trusted traveler" status and more A must watch..... INTERFAITA OUTREACH A very illuminating discussion indeed. Thank you Stephen and thank you Robert. The Uninvited: Gaffney on Obama Admin's 'Wrecking Operation' of U.S. Military

Western Media Jihad

Media Jihad: American Journalists Embrace Islam and Assault Christianity from: In a series of high-profile incidents, Islam has been depicted as the underdog facing conservative “extreme haters.” That was the case whether it was the Ground Zero Mosque, the so-called anti-Islam YouTube video, ads in subways or anything to do with Israel. Contrast that with media coverage of Christianity and the result is like day and night. ONLY THE BEGINNING Journalists using their status to push an agenda is nothing new. But they do more than that today. The media have been depicting Islam as a modern David facing off against the Christian Goliath. David, predictably, gets good press no matter how often radical Islamists get arrested for terror plots or riot around the world over cartoons or a YouTube video. Christians and conservatives, on the other hand, get the exact opposite treatment. They have become the stock villains for both news and entertainment media. Every critic of Christianity—especially those in the gay community—gets treated like a hero. The institutions themselves get derided as “dictatorial” or worse for not bowing to a liberal agenda. And the faithful are forever the butt of jokes and derision—all without uproar and threats of violence from the victims of the abuse. The Center for Security Policy’s Gaffney warned that the coverage could get worse in reaction to pushback from Islamic groups. The recent documentary “Silent Conquest” cautioned that there is an “ominous pattern” of not being able to offend Islam. Muslim nations have been working with the United Nations to institute laws against “blasphemy.” In September, President Obama argued for just that result. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” he told the United Nations. Apparently, the American media were listening. Sharia in Africa: Woman being stoned to death *GRAPHIC* There has been a concerted attempt lately to try to downplay the negative aspects of sharia law in order to mainstream its acceptance into Western legal systems.

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Vids x5

Sean Hannity on Netanyahu: "There's No Way He Doesn't See Through This President's BS!" Obama & the Jihad Hannity Panel Erupts During Heated Debate Over U.S. Aid to Egypt: Pigs Will Fly Robert Spencer and Michael Coren discuss the new pope and Muslim persecution of Christians


**The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety - It Guaranteed Liberty** SB 1076 CTN 2/14/13

Bad Respawn

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Truth Speaks Out

Robert Spencer "The Uninvited" Panel CPAC 2013 Q and A "The Univited" Panel CPAC 2013

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Real Dry


Robert Spencer: "There Are Ties To the Muslim Brotherhood In The White House." Michael Coren & Robert Spencer - Jihad Watch - Feb 28, 2013 The Girls On Fox News Song

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