Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aussie Artist


To Whom It May Concern, Spotted your site regarding USS GEORGE H.W.BUSH (CVN 77)

I am the artist who created the image American Highrise selected to commemorate The

Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural of George Bush 41. In 1989. I was born in Brisbane, Australia and grew up in Sydney and have lived in the USA for many years. Copies of my artwork will be on display onboard the aircraft carrier as a permanent exhibit. You and your readers will find a visit to my website of historical significance especially those in Australia.


At the current rate of global acceptance, to date 100 nations have accepted Presidential Images representing over half the world’s population, American Highrise is destined to be one of the most widely distributed and accepted pieces of art in recorded history.

If you have any access to writers or editors of newspapers or magazines you might make them aware that someone who was born in Australia created an image that is part of American and world art history. I am sure that a story of how a napkin doodle went into world art history would be of interest to Australians. Certainly I would enjoy hearing from your readers regarding American Highrise. For art collectors in Australia there are only 900 Presidential Images from an edition of only 2,500 published in 1989 available world wide and the information is available on our online Giftstore. In addition to many unprecedented milestones accomplished by the artpiece that includes acceptance by seven U.S. Presidents, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI became the second living Pontiff to admit American Highrise into the Vatican following Pope John Paul 11 in 1990. This is significant to those of the Catholic faith as John Paul will soon be declared a Saint.

Richard Daniel Clark

Presidential Inaugural Artist

United States Of America

e-mail ooorichard@centurytel.net


Australia media please take note of this Artist !!!!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marja Offensive

Battle for Marjah Begins

U.S. Marines Attack Taliban-Held City Of Marja

Nearly 8,000 U.S. and Afghan forces launched a well telegraphed offensive today to take back control of the central Helmand city of Marja, the military has confirmed.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Aussie Patriotism

We are not a redneck mob

Andrew Bolt

IT'S because so many people want to believe Australians are racist that Jaspreet Singh became the latest fake example of our evil.

Southern Cross tattoo brands me racist

The day before Australia Day, I caught the bus to work. Sitting up the back, sweltering in the heat and breathing in the sweat of the others condemned to the ride, I was tapped on the shoulder. The man behind me, breath heavy with booze, declared me a “sister of the Australian cause”.

Confused and a little scared, I tried to ignore him. But the curious journo in me won out, and I asked him what he was talking about. Beaming and red-faced, he pointed to my neck, and THAT tattoo.

Nationalism or Patriotism

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am the owner of a Southern Cross tattoo. When I was sitting in the chair pretending it didn’t hurt, way back before the Cronulla riots and ‘F**k off we’re full’ shirts swept the nation, nobody else had the tattoo. Well, almost nobody else.

But my first ink was destined to join a league of Asian symbols, dolphins and hip-adorning butterflies. Everyone has it. And now I hang my head low, because (according to everyone who doesn’t sport a tattoo of the Australian icon) it may as well be a swastika. My patriotism has been mistaken for nationalism.

Debate of the state: The Punch on nationalism

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How to Hurt America

Bin Laden & Green Friends