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RAAF Pilots Found

Remains of last two Australian servicemen found in Vietnam

Max Blenkin

July 30, 2009 03:48pm

UPDATE 4.47pm: REMAINS of the last two Aussie servicemen missing from the Vietnam War have been found in the wreckage of a crashed bomber.

An RAAF search team, which has been excavating the crash site near the Vietnam border with Laos, found human remains which have been identified as pilot Flying Officer Michael Herbert, 24, from Glenelg, South Australia, and navigator Pilot Officer Robert Carver, 24, from Toowoomba, Queensland.

Both died when their Canberra bomber crashed while returning from a mission on November 3, 1970.

Defence Personnel Minister Greg Combet said the recovery team found human remains near the crash site.

The remains were taken to Hanoi where Vietnamese and Australian forensic specialists made identifications.

"Relatives of the two crew members have been advised of the discovery and air force will continue to keep them updated,'' Mr Combet said, adding that the airmen gave their lives in the service of their nation.

"I hope finding the remains of the airmen will bring some comfort to the families.''

When Australia withdrew the last combat units from Vietnam at the end of 1971, the bodies of six Australians remained behind - four soldiers lost in three separate incidents plus the two airmen.


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot M

Michelle launches “Culture of Corruption” on Hannity

Get Real

The hate that dare not speak its name
Janet Albrechtsen July 29, 2009

LANGUAGE police should stop tiptoeing and call these terrorists what they are: Islamo-fascists.
THE bodies of slain Australians in Jakarta were not yet back in the country when a new report warned us last week against referring to Islamo-fascists as -- dare one say it -- Islamo-fascists.
If we want to reduce alienation and radicalism among young Muslims we must watch our language, says A Lexicon on Terror, a book compiled by the Victoria Police and the Australian Multicultural Foundation.Multicultural Foundation head Hass Dellal told The Age that the wholesale branding of Islam with violence and extremism was of great concern.
Speaking at a conference last week Stephen Fontana, the assistant commissioner for counter-terrorism co-ordination, said that "a comment we think is harmless, some communities read as an attack".

Would someone kindly lock up these language police for crimes against the English language? An attack is what happened in Jakarta when innocent hotel guests were murdered at the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels. And it is, quite literally, the bleeding obvious to point out that the perpetrators of the carnage are a group of Islamist militants who twist the tenets of Islam to suit their ideological purposes. They seek to bring down democracy in Indonesia and punish Western nations for fighting the Taliban and al-Qa'ida, with the ultimate aim of creating an Islamic caliphate. Yet while these terrorists go to great lengths to promote their Muslim identity and their militant Islamist ideology, it seems we are not allowed to mention that now.
There is nothing wrong with crafting careful language when dealing with terrorism. For years political leaders have used terms such as Islamist terrorist or Islamo-fascist to carefully distinguish militants from the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims. But there is a difference between being careful and being cowardly. The kind of zealous language policing endorsed by the Victoria Police and the Multicultural Foundation encourages us to hide from the truth.
Their new whitewash language is not just daft, it's dangerous. Clarity of language is a critical tool if we are serious about uncovering and understanding militant Islam. After so many attacks and the murder of so many innocent people, why would we cower from identifying the drivers of their Islamist extremism?
Yet there was too much cowering and not enough clarity from Attorney-General Robert McClelland when he addressed the Australian Strategic Policy Institute last week. Endorsing the language police's Lexicon of Terrorism project, the A-G's speech was littered with references to "violent extremism", "violent extremists", "violent extremist messages", "extremist beliefs" and "extremist ideology". McClelland was too frightened to construct a sentence that included the word Islamism. Instead he quoted from Ed Husain, in his book The Islamist, who has no problem referring to "Islamist extremists".
Apparently the A-G believes it is acceptable for a Muslim to speak with factual accuracy but the rest of us must resort to meaningless generalities for fear of radicalising Muslim youth.
The suggestion from McClelland and senior police that using terms such as Islamo-fascists may drive young Muslims into the arms of jihadists is dubious. I'm willing to wager that those drawn to violence have other matters on their minds and other forces pulling them towards violence than the language employed by Westerners.
If we submit a questionnaire to young would-be jihadists asking them to list, on a scale of one to 100, the reasons they might choose jihad over, say, becoming a pastry chef or a train driver, I'm guessing none are going to suggest they are fed-up with the way Westerners used the term Islamo-fascist. Instead, they may list matters such as hating democracy, achieving glory for Islam and Muslims, destroying the infidel enemies around them, wanting to bring to account those countries that sent infidel troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, and so on. That's what the present generation of Islamist terrorists tells us and it may be useful to take them at their word.
In the A-G's woolly world, how exactly does a newspaper report on Islamic militancy if the only acceptable phrase is "violent extremism"? The Australian's Sally Neighbour has done a stellar job reporting on the role played by Islamic boarding schools such as al-Mukmin at Ngruki in Solo, Central Java, in the violent campaign to set up an Indonesian Islamic state. Described by its co-founder and Jemaah Islamiah leader Abu Bakar Bashir as "a crucible for the formation of cadres of mujaheddin" with a mission "to nurture zeal for jihad so that love for jihad and martyrdom grow in the soul of the mujaheddin", it becomes clear that Islam is used to fuel violence among young Muslim men.
As Neighbour reported last week, "The Ngruki school and others linked to JI -- chiefly the Darul Syahadah ('house of martyrs') and Al Muttaqin schools, both in Central Java -- have produced no less than dozens of young recruits linked to a string of terrorist attacks, starting with the first Bali bombings in 2002."
Would the A-G have us refrain from reporting the truth, that a handful of radical Islamic schools is a breeding ground for Islamist terrorists?
There are no such sensibilities about calling a spade a bloody shovel when Christian extremists firebomb abortion clinics. No concerns about wholesale branding of Christianity by using the Christian word. Nor is there a fear that using the word will radicalise young Christians. In other areas, too, we don't shy away from using descriptors to explain extremism.

More :,25197,25849653-7583,00.html

Tim Blair – Monday, July 20, 09
The Age reports:
A guidebook for politicians, police and public servants on how to talk about Muslims and terrorism without implicating the religion of Islam should be released by the end of the year.

More :
Peter Costello on the bigotry of Victoria’s anti-discrimination police and their censorious masters:

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A shot glass with a real bang!

These 12 gauge bullet-shell-style shot glasses are a great addition to any special occasion. With a funky red and gold design, this set of four shotglasses would make a great gift for both men and women alike.

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Movie Trailers 09

'The Surrogates' Trailer HD

'Daybreakers' Trailer HD

'Zombieland' Trailer HD

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pat Attack

Pat C on Leftists

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Afghanistan Now

Afghanistan: Aussies kill Taliban commander


Make their lives count

Andrew Bolt

ONCE Afghanistan was the "good" war that protesters against the "bad" Iraq war could back to show they weren't all mush.


PM must think like a war leader

Paul Kelly, Editor-at-largeKEVIN Rudd and Barack Obama must win in Afghanistan because the alternative is unacceptable.


'Taliban will win if our troops quit'

DEFENCE Chief issues warning that withdrawing forces from Afghanistan would spark civil war.


How British troops are hunting the Taliban


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Precision Murder

An unexploded device found in Jakarta showing metal bolts in neat arrangement.

Indonesian police question Islamic school

Agence France-Presse

INDONESIAN police today were questioning teachers at an Islamic boarding school, amid reports a former student was one of two suicide bombers involved in last week's Jakarta bombings.

A teacher at the school confirmed that police had been questioning staff at the Al-Mukmin Islamic boarding school in Ngruki, Central Java, for the past two days following Friday's twin suicide bombings on luxury hotels.

"The police came yesterday and today. It's just ordinary chat. The police checking on us is normal," Al-Mukmin deputy principal Muhammad Sholeh Ibrahim told AFP.

The coordinated blasts at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in a central Jakarta business district popular with foreigners killed seven people including three Australians, a New Zealander and an Indonesian.


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Ultimate Cool

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Show

Good Stand on Guns

"How Modern Liberals Think"

Evan Sayet speaks at the Heritage Foundation
It's long but well worth watching it all. It explains everything from 9/11 to Education and Hollywood, TV and much more of the pathetic elite utopia thinking thats forced on us and your kids.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ted has the answer

Countermoonbattery: Ted Nugent

Meanwhile in Moonbat run Melbourne:
Pack mentality: city street violence on rise

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WW2 Relics


RARE & INCREDIBLE German WWII Parachute Troops MP38 MACHINE GUN RELIC ! Dug Falaise Pocket NORMANDY !

RARE German WWII Mauser Pistol - Excavated KURSK Salient EASTERN FRONT Relic !



Church Sign

church sign

People need Zen


500,000 Australians

The Fatal Cocktail

The Real Drug Problem?

Pill poppers ... painkillers including Xanax, Valium and Zoloft are being widely used in Australia / James Croucher

Australians addicted to prescription medication, including Xanax, Valium and Zoloft

The Sunday Telegraph

July 12, 2009 12:01am

THE abuse and misuse of prescription drugs is not restricted to Michael Jackson and the Hollywood set, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

More than half a million Australians are addicted to painkillers, and drugs in the fatal cocktail taken by Jackson - including Xanax, Valium and Zoloft - are being widely used in Australia.

Dr Alex Wodak, of St Vincent's Hospital in New South Wales, said a growing proportion of people were misusing those drugs.

"We're worried that if consumption keeps rising, we'll begin to see the same kind of problems they saw in the United States, with overdose deaths from this group of drugs outnumbering heroin-overdose deaths in the year 2000," Dr Wodak said.


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HD Goodness

Asteroid Impact (HD)

cgi asteroid impact to the music of pink floyd's "the great gig in the sky" (dark side of the moon)

Moon Trailer (HD)

Project Trico HD - PlayStation LifeStyle

Friday, July 10, 2009

Impending Apocalypse


Mayan 'apocalypse' crop circle

Mayan 'apocalypse' crop circle appears at Silbury Hill

A 350ft crop circle of an ancient Mayan symbol, said to be a sign of an impending apocalypse, has appeared next to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire.

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Pearl Evolution

Pearl Jam - Mankind

Pearl Jam "In My Tree"

Pearl Jam - Smile (I MISS YOU ALREDDIE)

Do The Evolution

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World Offensive

Strike of the sword

Marines Call in JDAM on Sniper

A U.S. Marine from 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, RCT 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Echo Co. takes up a fighting position after off loading from a helicopter during the start of Operation Khanjari on July 2, 2009 in Main Poshteh, Afghanistan. The Marines are part of an operation to take areas in the Southern Helmand Province that Taliban fighters are using as a resupply route and to help the local Afghan population prepare for the upcoming presidential elections. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

U.S.M.C Leads the way.......

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New Perth Mint Coins 2009

The Perth Mint to release these official 2009 Transformers silver coins portraying

Optimus Prime and Megatron.

The Perth Mint, 300-310 Hay Street, East Perth, WA 6004, Australia.
Postal Address: GPO Box M924, East Perth, WA 6843, Australia.

Phone (61 8) 9421 7218; Fax (61 8) 9221 5012;


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Lamborghini Countach.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

From America

Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US

web comment-
Thank you for putting this out there! Ignorance is bliss is the old saying. America needs to be informed of how these people operate! There is no rationalizing with hate!

From the video notes:

This is a video of David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi asking questions at Arabfest, Dearborn. The date is June 21st, 2009. There was a booth at the festival which had a banner titled “Islam: Got Questions? Get Answers.” From their table, we picked up a pamphlet claiming that Islam promotes peace. We noticed that it was full of poor logic and errors, so we decided to make a video refuting it. We went to the booth that gave us the pamphlet to give them the opportunity to defend their claims. Security, however, stepped in and forced us to turn off our camera.
We left the booth, received advice from police, and found out that the actions of the security guards were illegal. We went back to the booth to record a potential answer again. Realizing that the Muslims present had no answer, we left.
When we came outside, we were asked some questions by two young men, who had been sent by security to entrap us. While we responded to them, festival security started assaulting us, as you will see in this video. The conclusion of this video is a mob of festival security attacking our cameras, pushing us back, kicking our legs, and lying to the police.
We ask you, is it a coincidence that the city with the highest percentage of Muslims in the United States is the city where Christianity is not allowed to be represented (let alone preached) on a public sidewalk? Is it coincidence that in this city, people will say “No way!” when we say “This is the United States of America”?
Is this what will happen when Islam takes over the United States?


God Bless Caffeine

Short black answer to Alzheimer's disease

Grant McArthur
July 07, 2009 12:00am

DRINKING two strong cups of coffee a day could be the secret to reversing the memory loss caused by Alzheimer's disease.
A US team has been able to not only stop but also repair the damage of the ageing disease in mice by using caffeine to disrupt an Alzheimer's protein.
The team now hopes to begin human trials to see if coffee drinkers have an extra reason to fill up their cups.
"The new findings provide evidence that caffeine could be a viable treatment for established Alzheimer's disease, and not simply a protective strategy," said research leader Gary Arendash, of the Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Centre.
"That's important because caffeine is a safe drug for most people, it easily enters the brain, and it appears to directly affect the disease process."
In a study, 55 genetically altered mice were bred to develop memory loss as they aged, mimicking Alzheimer's disease in humans.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Save the Pocket Knife - U.S.A.

Stop Knife Ban Now!

Write your Senators NOW to STOP funding for Customs' Pocket Knife Grab. As you are aware from our earlier alert, Customs is proposing to prohibit the import of assisted and one-hand opening pocket knives and in the process has so broadly re-defined what a Switchblade is under the Federal Switchblade Act, that it could cover almost all pocket knives, with potential far-reaching consequences to every knife owner.

Our best bet to stop Customs in the short term is for Congress to prevent them from spending a dime to implement their proposed ruling. The Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bill will be taken up by the Senate early this week. We need your help NOW to rally support for an amendment to stop funding for this Customs rulemaking.

We only have a very few days to get their attention Contacting Senator Patty Murray [D-WA] and Senator George Voinovich [R-OH] is particularly important because they are ranking members on the Senate Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Homeland Security. Contacting your own Senators is also critically important because we'll need their support as well to see this passed.

You will find more information, email addresses and links for the Senators and sample letters to send to the Senators on our partner Knife Rights' web site at: or

Please pass this Action Alert to everyone you know and urge them to ACT NOW! We need to generate thousands of emails in the next few days. Help save our Knife Rights; STOP this ridiculous and illegitimate rulemaking by Customs. WRITE TODAY!

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Wargamer part 2

Berlin 1945 – Assault on the Reichstag’

Through the Mud & Blood’ by the Two Fat Lardies. 28mm WW1 participation game based on TFL’s new Great War rules: ‘To The Green Fields Beyond’.

Wargamer part 1

Assault on the Reichstag’

UK Tank Club’s large scale model tank demo stand.



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Angel of Death II

Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

Shocking in this day and age! Leftists are the new nazi wannabes.

Slayer - Angel Of Death Lyrics

Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
The way that I want you to die
Slow death, immense decay
Showers that cleanse you of your life
Forced in
Like cattle
You run
Stripped of
Your lifes worth
Human mice, for the angel of death
Four hundred thousand more to die
Angel of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood

Destroying, without mercy
To benefit the aryan race

Surgery, with no anesthesia
Fell the knife pierce you intensely
Inferior, no use to mankind
Strapped down screaming out to die
Angel of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Infamous butcher,
Angel of death

Pumped with fluid, inside your brain
Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
Burning flesh, drips away
Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil
Frigid cold, cracks your limbs
How long can you last
In this frozen water burial?
Sewn together, joining heads
Just a matter of time
til you rip yourselves apart
Millions laid out in their
Crowded tombs
Sickening ways to achieve
The holocaust
Seas of blood, bury life
Smell your death as it burns
Deep inside of you
Abacinate, eyes that bleed
Praying for the end of
Your wide awake nightmare
Wings of pain, reach out for you
His face of death staring down,
Your blood running cold
Injecting cells, dying eyes
Feeding on the screams of
The mutants hes creating
Pathetic harmless victims
Left to die
Rancid angel of death
Flying free

Angel of Death

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hot Damn Hot

Big Breasted Gisele Takes A Bath

I say hot damn...

ROE delays the perfect shot

Apache Takes Out Insurgent Mortar Team With A Hellfire Missile In Iraq

AH-64 Gunship Takes Out Insurgent Mortar Team + Mortar Tube With 2 Hellfire Missiles In Iraq.

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The Cure and more

Ror Shak - A Forest (feat Chantel Claret)

The Cure - Lullaby

The Cure - Close To Me

Fringe Music Video: Ror-Shak - "A Forest"

GB on C&T

Glen Beck