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JW/DW Update 29th Nov 08

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, November 29, 2008

Al-Qaeda top dog to U.S.: Avoid financial meltdown by converting to Islam

Man with a solution Al-Zawahiri invites us to accept Islam, which Muhammad the prophet of Islam stipulates as the first step when meeting the unbelievers, before going to war with them (cf. Sahih Muslim 4294). But of course, he...

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Mumbai police: Last Taj hotel jihadists killed

Not all news organizations are ready to declare the siege over at this point. "Taj operation over with all militants dead, police say," from France 24, November 29: Indian commandos on Saturday killed the last Islamic militants holed up inside...

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Captured jihadist: Lashkar-e-Taiba trained us in marine warfare

Ajmal's claim that all of the jihadists were Pakistani citizens does not fit other accounts (except in possible cases of dual citizenship), but he also describes a smaller number of jihadists. Time will tell if the rest of his story...

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Indian government sources: Seven Mumbai jihadists from the U.K.

An update on this story. "Seven Mumbai gunmen are from 'Leeds and Hartlepool'," from the Mirror, November 28: Seven of the terrorists who brought carnage to Mumbai are British, Indian government sources claimed yesterday. They said two British-born Pakistanis are...

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"Oh Allah, destroy the Hindus and do it in the worst of ways"

Piety. "The battle that is underway in Mumbai is a battle for Allah between its servants and the infidels." Will the UN charge the person who wrote that with "defaming Islam"? "India: Al-Qaeda websites rejoice over Mumbai attacks," from AKI,...

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Rabbi and wife among dead hostages at Jewish Center in Mumbai

How many more such outrages, how many more wanton murders of innocent people, will the non-Muslim world endure before it wakes up? How many more iterations of "It's Just a Tiny Minority of Extremists" and "What About the Crusades?" and...

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Five hostages found dead at Mumbai Jewish center; standoff continues at Taj Hotel

More on this story. "Five hostages killed in Jewish center, chaos at hotel," from CNN, November 28: MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- The bodies of five hostages have been found at a Jewish center in Mumbai, according to reports, but fighting...

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Mumbai jihadists freed Turkish hostages because they were Muslims

Who are the attackers in Mumbai? According to AFP, they're "militants" and "extremists." According to the Press Trust of India, they're "terrorists." According to the Indian Foreign Minister, they're backed by "elements in Pakistan." AP speaks of "suspected Muslim militants,"...

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Fitzgerald: The Mumbai jihadist link to Al-Qaeda, and why it misses the point

Â"Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism specialist with the Swedish National Defense College, said there are Â'very strong suspicionsÂ' that the coordinated Mumbai attacks have a link to al-Qaida....Â" -- from this news article Yes, yes. We have all heard the solemn...

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International & Local Islamism

Friday, November 28, 2008

JW Update 28th Nov 08

Jihad in Mumbai: Death toll hits 125

Inner spiritual struggle all over the city Jihad against 73-year-old British entrepreneurs. "Mumbai Massacre: British tycoon killed moments after TV interview as death toll hits 125," by Amar Singh, Richard Orange and Nicola Boden for the Daily Mail, November...

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Mumbai jihadists hold rabbi and wife hostage

Why? Because they see their jihad in India as just one part of the larger jihad against America, Britain, and the West, and against Israel. And because the Qur'an says that "strongest among men in enmity to the believers you...

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Mumbai: Indian forces besiege Jewish Center held by jihadists

More on this story. "URGENT: Indian Forces Assault Besieged Jewish Center in Mumbai," from AP, November 27: MUMBAI, India Â- Security forces assaulted a Jewish center in Mumbai where Muslim militants were believed holed up with possible hostages Friday, with...

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Fighting erupts at Mumbai Jewish center seized by jihadists

Gunshots were audible on CNN-IBN's coverage, which went dark moments later, at least on the internet feed. "Fighting reported at Mumbai Jewish center," from CNN, November 27: MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- Fighting broke out early Friday between government soldiers in...

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Mumbai jihadists: "We urge the Indian government to return stolen Muslim lands"

Any land that once belonged to the Dar al-Islam belongs to it by right forever, at least as far as Islamic jihadists are concerned, and so this strange demand is not all that surprising. "Mumbai hostage rescue raids continue," from...

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Muslim Brotherhood: The Jews and Hindus attacked Mumbai, not Islamic jihadists

Amaresh Misra, conspiracy fantasist It was all a Mossad conspiracy, doncha know. The Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is dedicated in its own words to "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within...

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Be thankful that you are free

Happy Thanksgiving. In past years I've written on this day that I'm thankful that there haven't been more jihad terror attacks on U.S. soil. I am thankful for that this year also, but this year's Thanksgiving comes in the shadow...

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Saudis to build mosque in Moscow; Russians want church in Arabia

And why not, exactly? "Saudi Arabia to build a mosque in Moscow," from Interfax, November 21: Moscow, November 21, Interfax - King of Saudi Arabia has initiated construction of a mosque and Islamic cultural center in Moscow. "If Russian authorities...

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JW Digest 27th Nov 2008 - India

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Intel chiefs expected Al-Qaeda spectacular -- and got it in Mumbai

They expected it to become between the election and the inauguration. And now it has. "Intelligence chiefs were expecting Al-Qaeda spectacular," by Michael Evans in the Times, November 27 (thanks to W): Western intelligence services have been expecting an al-Qaeda...

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Jihad group claims Mumbai attacks

The Deccan Mujahideen -- warriors of jihad. Is it all right to mention that fact? As Pamela asks, "Are we allowed to talk about it, or is this insulting to Islam and in violation of the UN resolution against 'defaming...

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Jihadists target Penn Station

"These discussions reportedly involved the use of suicide bombers or explosives placed on subway/passenger rail systems." More on the New York City jihad plot. "Sources: Al Qaeda Targets Amtrak N'east Corridor," by Marcia Kramer for CBS, November 26: NEW...

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Terrorists run amok in Mumbai

Mumbai shooters targeted Americans, British

More on Mumbai, or Bombay, as it used to be more commonly known, in calmer days. "Foreigners targeted in coordinated Bombay attacks," by Rhys Blakely in the Times, November 26 (thanks to Alan): Gunmen stalked a hotel in Bombay looking...

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Shootings at Mumbai luxury hotels: "No doubt in my mind" they were jihad attacks

Mumbai Shootings Update. "Unknown terrorists have conducted a coordinated attack across Mumbai's major tourist hubs, with over a dozen deaths and many injuries reported," from SkyNews, November 26 (thanks to Alan): Gunmen have targeted luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction...

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Series of coordinated "terror attacks" hit Mumbai

Mumbai on high alert No indication yet as to the perpetrator, but of course there are many Islamic jihadists who desire to hit India. They may not be responsible for these attacks, but we have seen coordinated jihad attacks...

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Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus, formerly known as Victoria terminus, one of the two big stations in central Mumbai.

Police flooding into NY subways after warning of jihad bomb attack

Happy Thanksgiving. "Exclusive: NY Rail Plot Details Based on 'Reliable' FBI Source," by Richard Esposito for ABC News, November 26 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): Uniformed police officers have flooded New York City's Penn Station, home to the Long Island Rail...

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Taliban repeats: We are not negotiating

An Are-They-Or-Aren't-They? Update. I would say, "Only his hairdresser knows for sure," but the hairdresser has been blown up. "Afghanistan: Taliban leader rejects prospect of truce," by Syed Saleem Shahzad for AKI, November 25 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): Kandahar, 25...

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Debate: Islam -- Threat or Not? Part I

Last summer at FreedomFest 2008 I debated Dr. Daniel Peterson, a professor at Brigham Young University and author of Muhammad: Prophet of God, on the topic "Islam: Threat or Not?" The panel was moderated by Matt Sanchez, war correspondent...

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British law aimed at preventing forced marriages goes into effect

A small step forward. If authorities enforce penalties properly and aren't deterred from pursuing cases for fear of "alienating" or allegedly "radicalizing" Muslim populations, that will be another step forward. British law aims at preventing forced marriage," by Jennifer Quinn...

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mr Spencer - Stealth Interview

Spencer on the stealth jihad on CBN

Systematic Mass Murder - India

Mumbai terror attacks: troops storm hotels

Loudon and agencies | November 27, 2008

Article from: The Australian

INDIAN commandos have stormed two hotels hit by co-ordinated Islamist terrorist attacks in Mumbai overnight that targeted tourists and left at least 80 people dead.

More than 900 people, including two Australians, have been injured in India's financial capital after one of the biggest attacks since 9/11, targeting the city's luxury hotels and taking hostage scores of foreigners.

Officials said that the terrorists, firing high velocity rifles, had swept through some of India's most famous hotels seeking American and British as well as other tourists.

At least 12 targets across Mumbai were attacked in the co-ordinated onslaught, which killed the city's two top Anti-Terrorist Squad officials.

Among the targets attacked were the Taj Mahal and Oberoi (Trident) hotels, all of which were crowded with foreigners including Australians.

Australian dead in Mumbai massacre

AN Australian man has died in the savage terrorist attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai that saw hundreds taken hostage and at least 101 killed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BrookesNews 26th Nov 2008

BrookesNews Update November 26 2008

America is in recession and the Democrat sare to make it worse

Obama's destructive economic program is causing havoc on the markets that could lead to a run on the dollar. His silence on the economy and what needs to be done is only aggravating the situation. One thing, however, is absolutely clear: Obama is utterly clueless on the economy

Why Obama's economic program will collapse

Any attempt to kick-start an economy with a program of public works, more regulations, higher taxes and greater government spending is doomed to fail. Such a program failed under Roosevelt, if failed in Japan and it will fail under Obama if he implements

Obama appoints Castro-lover as White House counsel

Obama's appointment of Gregory Craig as White House counsel is further evidence of just how leftwing — not to mention anti-American — the Obama regime could be. Craig is a truly nasty leftist and Castro-lover

The Democrats' economic stupidity and Detroit's big three

The majority of Americans are opposed to the Democrats' proposal to bailout Detroit. They are right to oppose it. The bailout would be the first of more payments all of which would be used to prop up an important Democrat constituency. If Detroit is to be then let the market do it. Any alternative is doomed to failure

Is "being born an American still first prize in the lottery of life?"

In the 1960s President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. In the end poverty grew in numbers and trillions of dollars spent did nothing more than enlarge government

The Henry Waxman wane

Henry Waxman, green fanatic, bullyboy and political bigot has been made chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. Further evidence of how extreme an Obama regime will be

Evil on a Minneapolis Campus

Political bigotry on campuses is not new, it is plainly clear, in these supposed bastions of free inquiry. They've become politicized to the core. Free speech itself is imperilled by oppressive codes. Leftwing professors rule. Conservatives are muzzled. It runs one-way on campuses, fiercely anti-Republican and, in general if not more so, wildly against all conservatives

Donkeys, rinos, and pumas. Oh my! Can we be please conservatives now

The Republican Party must become the new progressive. It must shelve its clever electoral strategies and muster the courage to be faithful to its principles even if polling data says to lie, or at least equivocate

Why they quit being leftists

Marxism is based on a major intellectual mistake and on a lamentable lack of morality that inevitably led to disaster and terror. That is why the more intelligent people, and those who were genuinely interested in their neighbors, abandoned it. The book Why I Quit Being a Leftist explains that with irrefutable clarity

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1/6 Marines getting it on in Garmsir

JW/DW 19th - 24th Nov 08

The United American Committee has just launched a forty-eight foot long anti-Sharia billboard on the Detroit-Toledo highway. The UAC is a bi-partisan group aimed at fighting Islamofascism across the globe. They are led by Jesse Petrilla and have chapters across America and Canada. Great work guys!!

Al-Qaeda closer to developing "dirty bombs"

According to senior U.S. intelligence official, there is a "sudden rise in intelligence which strongly indicates that al-Qaeda has renewed plans to gain access to nuclear material that could form a primitive nuclear device, one perhaps that a suicide truck...

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"Muslim fanatics" launch "reign of terror" in top-security British prison

The culmination of a trend that has existed for quite some time. It's not as if there weren't warning signs. "Muslim Fanatics 'Hijack British Prison'," by James Murray for the Sunday Express, November 23 (thanks to all who sent this...

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"To criticize the religion and Muslims is not Islamophobia; a critical attitude towards religion must be accepted"

An honest statement from Brother Tariq Who said that? Was it...Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Wafa Sultan? Nonie Darwish? Brigitte Gabriel? Daniel Pipes? Steve Emerson? Andrew Bostom? Gregory Davis? Serge Trifkovic? Mark Gabriel? William J. Federer? Walid Shoebat? Was it...Raymond Ibrahim?...

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Billboard: Sharia threatens America

The United American Committee has this week put up a billboard on the Detroit-Toledo expressway. As you can see, it says "Sharia Law Threatens America." You can see it for yourself in Luna Pier, about 10 miles north of...

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Forced marriages endemic to the UK

Among Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Iranians, Turks, Kurds and Somalis. What do these otherwise "diverse" people have in common? Islam. Koran 4:34 Alert: "Men have authority over women, for Allah has made the one superior to the other." Also, Aisha -- "Mother-of-the-Believers"...

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Maldives shock horror: Man tries to bring Bible into country!

But rest easy, friends: the ever-vigilant Islamic guardians of the Maldives Customs Service are on the case. Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Customs, Police investigating attempt to import Bible," from Haveeru, November 23 (thanks to Michael): The Maldives Customs Service and the...

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Australian army chief says peace not close with Taliban

Yet the Saudi king, Karzai, and reportedly even Bush want Mullah Omar to receive asylum in Saudi Arabia in order to "speed up plans for a reconciliation process." "Australian army chief says peace not close with Taliban," from the Military-World,...

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Fitzgerald: The ideology of Islam and the "war on terror's" "central front"

"CIA director Michael Hayden has warned that every major terrorist threat confronting the world has ties to Pakistan."- from this news article It would be comforting if one had the feeling that Michael Hayden, and Admiral McConnell, and all...

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Goodbye, First Amendment?

As Islamic nations pressure the UN to outlaw "defamation of Islam" -- by which they mean any honest examination of the motives and goals of jihad terrorists -- Obama's pick for Attorney General sends a disquieting signal. A message from...

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Bostom: Osama Bin Lenin?

Andrew G. Bostom here offers a brief review of The Mind of Jihad by Laurent Murawiec (Cambridge University Press, 2008, 342 pp). A version of this essay will also be appearing in print in the December issue of Mideast Outpost....

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Australia: Convicted jihadists "continue to adhere to the philosophy of violent jihad"

And why wouldn't they? What would have disabused them of these notions? Have any Islamic leaders in Australia met with them and tried to convince them that they had gotten Islam terribly, terribly wrong? If so, how did they try...

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Warrior - Kid Rock

Warrior by kid Rock

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Victory In Iraq Day


God Bless all the troops who fight for freedom.

Victory in Iraq Day, November 22, 2008.

Observations and statistics agree: The fighting has ceased, the war is over

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tribute to American Soldiers from a French soldier in Afghanistan


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21st Century