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JW/DW Digest 22nd - 24th Oct 2008

Alaska Aggressors
Two F-16 Aggressors fly in formation beside a KC-135 Stratotanker awaiting to be aerial refueled during RED FLAG-Alaska 09-1 over Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Oct. 16, 2008. During the exercise, the 18th Aggressor Squadron acts as the opposing force employing enemy tactics while engaging in aerial combat over the Pacific Alaskan Range Complex. The F-16s are assigned to the 18th Aggressor Squadron on Eielson. U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jonathan Snyder


Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

October 22-23, 2008

Obama's ties to CAIR, Nation of Islam mean that he would "fail the standard security clearance process for Federal employees"

"Look, Barack, another unsavory CAIR op! Let's go shake his hand!" I have never credited the "Obama is a secret Muslim" rumors, but that is not the end of the story of Obama and Islam. In "Obama Would Fail...

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Fitzgerald: Who decided that we owed this to Somalis?

Eighty thousand Somalis, almost all of them Muslims, have been allowed into this country. What they have done can be seen in Lewiston, Maine, where their enormous burden on the benefits system left so little for the native poor, who...

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Stop the presses: Jihadist sentiments rising in Middle East!

What was AP's first clue? Anyway, it is clear from this article that the Salafists are gaining strength because they are able successfully to present themselves as the adherents of authentic Islam. This shows up most pointedly the ridiculousness of...

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"The Iraqi government is asking Christians to remain in Iraq, but is doing nothing to stop them from being slaughtered"

There are promises of action from the prime minister, but it would be pleasantly surprising to see concrete steps taken faster than could be measured on the scale of geological eras. "More violence in Mosul: father and son killed because...

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Colombia: Authorities break up drug ring with links to Hizballah

More on Hizballah's activities across South and Central America. "Colombia says smashes drug ring with Hezbollah ties," from Reuters, October 22: BOGOTA - Colombian authorities said on Tuesday they broke up a drug and money-laundering ring in an international operation...

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Infidels try to win Muslim "hearts and minds" by offering money

Or, from an Islamic perspective, jizya: "Payment to Afghan Governor's family part of bid to win 'hearts and minds,'" from ABC News, October 23 (thanks to Dumbledoresarmy):Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says the ex gratia payment to the family of a...

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The jihad on Egypt's Christians

The little known but miserable facts of being Christian and living in Egypt. "The jihad on Egypt's Christians," by Michael Coren for the National Post, October 23 (thanks to Patrick P.):Last week I was supposed to interview Father Zakaria Boutros...

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Australia: Council rules that "racism" played no part in rejection of planned Islamic school

And which race is Islam again? An update on this story. "Council rejects plan for Islamic school," from the Australian Associated Press, October 23: A Sydney council says race played no part in its decision to reject a proposal to...

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U.K.'s highest court: Sharia law is "arbitrary and discriminatory"

The case at hand concerns a woman who would have her child taken away from her under sharia law if she were to be repatriated to Lebanon. It is, of course, highly ironic that Britain itself has now imported the...

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Iran mulling pre-emptive strike against Israel

And the outcome of the presidential election will help them make up their mind. "Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel," by Barak Ravid for Haaretz, October 22 (thanks to James): Senior Tehran officials are recommending a preemptive strike...

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Al-Qaeda's Internet woes

More on this story. "Al-Qaeda websites 'hit by Western cyber attacks,'" from the Telegraph, October 22:Three al-Qaeda propaganda websites have closed down after reportedly coming under cyber-attack from Western intelligence agencies. The al-Ekhlas, al-Buraq and al-Firdaws websites, all linked to...

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Spain (Andalus) remains Al-Qaeda target requiring "cleansing"

So much for the notion that political concessions -- such as withdrawing from Iraq -- would make Spain safe from al-Qaedist terror strikes. A month after the Madrid bombings, the newly elected Socialist government withdrew Spanish forces from Iraq, adding...

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"White boy" terror suspect claims to have "fooled" al-Qaeda

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, death to you So now, along with the I-was-only-kidding line of defense used by jihadis and their lawyers, we can add "I-was-only-exploiting-al-Qaeda." Jihad-Jack Update. "Terror suspect Jack Thomas fooled al-Qaeda,...

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Pakistan: Al-Qaeda #4 killed

As we all celebrate this minor victory (it seems almost weekly now that an "al-Qaeda #" from country X is slain) we should also ponder this far more reaching question: will the slaying of individual terrorists -- be they Zawahiri...

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Spencer: The Hate Crimes Racket

In Human Events today I discuss two recent anti-Muslim hate crimes -- and what really happened: Students at IllinoisÂ's Elmhurst College can rest easy: an arrest was finally made last Thursday in the alarming case of Safia Jilani, a Muslim...

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News flash from the UK: Jihad to end by 2038

The Islamic jihad as a program of Sharia expansionism began in the 7th century in Arabia. Today's jihadists consider themselves to be only the latest warriors in a 1,400-year-old struggle. But here is some good news from the UK: that...

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Raymond Ibrahim: Is Osama responsible for Obama?

Former counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke recently suggested that al Qaeda may be trying to influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections. After describing al QaedaÂ's recent attacks in the Middle East (Yemen, Pakistan), Clarke stated that these strikes may...

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Maldives: Hopes for religious freedom dashed as "reformists" fail to deliver

When stories like this appear, apologists are quick to claim that this isn't the "real" sharia. And the sharia law creeping forward in the U.K. has nothing -- nothing -- to do with this brand of sharia. And yet wherever...

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