Thursday, January 31, 2008

Online attack ... see what extremists are saying about us /

A special report uncovers how Islamic extremists are taunting Australians directly by using the latest technology and social networks to create sophisticated online propaganda - including video and details from the frontline.

Live - Fire

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Tyler Carroll fires an AT-4 during live-fire training, Jan. 18, 2008, at the Udairi Range Complex in Kuwait. Marines with Company C, Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Camp Pendleton, Calif., are training as part of their current deployment to the Pacific and Arabian Gulf. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Bryson K. Jones


Australia's M1A1's on display

"New crop of Jihadis is 'set to step up',"

by Natalie O'Brien for

A NEW crop of home-grown jihadis, groomed to step up and replace the leaders of Australian terror cells who have been arrested or jailed, is almost "mature" enough to launch an operation, an international terror expert has warned.

The warning came after the release of figures showing the Australian Federal Police had 76 new counter-terrorism cases to investigate in the past financial year. At June 30 last year, the AFP had 83 cases being examined by its counter-terrorism team.

The latest so-called network of militant extremists has been steadily evolving and its members are almost ready to take over from their predecessors, according to Rohan Gunaratna, international terrorism expert and the author of Inside al-Qa'ida.

Dr Gunaratna said the home-grown terror suspects had been under investigation by Australian law enforcement agencies for some time. The new networks were very similar in "character and composition" to those that had been disrupted by law enforcement agencies.

"Law enforcement has only peeled back one layer of jihadis," he said. "The second rung is maturing and ripe for another operation, possibly in the coming months."

Intelligence sources say they are aware of the new threats, but deny there is any evidence that the groups may be close to planning an attack in Australia.

The AFP yesterday declined to comment on Dr Gunaratna's warnings.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty and NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione have revealed that they are investigating new terrorist threats, particularly in NSW.

Statistics in the latest AFP annual report show that in 2006-07, they had 76 new counter-terrorism cases, they finalised another 83 cases and at June 2006 they had a total of 83 open cases.

Comments below come with excellent advise on how to
from the above JW link:


Paging all my fellow Australians who read here but may not necessarily post here.

Think about this article.

Then let's think about your networks. Do you know people, are you related to, do you go to church with, or do sports with, or go fishing with, people who are in the police force, army, army reserve or coastguard?

A pilot, a flight attendant, an airport or port worker? Do you belong to the RSL (for the benefit of non-Australian readers, that's the Returned Servicemen's League) or the SES (State Emergency Services) or Bush Fire Brigade, or know people who do? Are you connected to journalists or lawyers? Do you know a prison chaplain?

These are the people you should be educating. Printouts of 'Islam 101' from this site, or Hugh Fitzgerald's 'Islam for Infidels' as archived here, or - depending on the relationship - a nice unbirthday present of 'PIG to Islam and the Crusades' or 'The Truth About Muhammad'.
Above all: do not forget your state and federal MPs and your Senator.

Please: report back here and tell everyone else about anything you've tried, that works.


In the USA there's an 'anti-terrorism' caucus in Congress.

Time to find out if any of our Aussie politicians would be game to attempt a bipartisan 'counter-jihad counter-sharia' caucus, or something approximating thereto, in Federal Parliament and in our State Parliaments.

...and Austrailias upcoming removal of its troops in Muslim countries will not guarrantee a ceasation of future planned Muslim attacks in Australia....

....many Islamic leaders have virtually declared war on the non Islamic world...and it is time to fight every way possible....surveillance, espionage, arrests, trials and long sentences would a ban on Muslim Immigration


Seeing as you paged fellow Aussies, I thought that I should reply.

I hope that I can give you some good news.

You see, I am a teacher in a private Catholic school. One of my subjects is religion. When we dealt with World Religions I made wide use of Jihad Watch, especially Islam 101.

Many of the boys were astounded with what they learnt. They too, just as I used to, bought the line that Islam is a religion of peace. I also found the videos available on MEMRI invaluable.

As many posters have said, the greatest way to show the world what a threat Islam poses to the West is to listen to Muslims themselves. Finally, those who are now apostates from Islam are a great resource. They know the religion inside out and their personal testimonies and courage are inspiriing.

The hardest people to convince about the threat that Islam poses to us were my colleagues.

They just wanted to believe all that they had heard about Islam being a religion of peace and that the radicals had perverted its true message. I doubt any of them had bothered reading the Koran for themselves. Some went into no more depth than looking at the five pillars of Islam.

So mate, some of us are fighting back with the most powerful weapon of all, the mind.



Apache Blitz

Apache Blitzkrieg
Warning: May be offensive to leftists.
Includes images of 'resistance fighters' being killed. By the dozens.

The Good Test

Citizen test 'stunning' success
January 29, 2008 12:45am

FEARS the citizenship test is unfair to migrants have been proved unfounded by a review showing a stunning 93 per cent pass rate.

Indians and Filipinos are doing far better on the exam than Brits and New Zealanders.

But a high number of newcomers from war-torn states, most of them refugees, are struggling to get through the quiz, according to an analysis released last night.

The study indicates that migrants keen to get citizenship are swotting up on their new country and taking the test seriously. Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the Government wanted to ensure the test was not a barrier to migrants in need of support. But he said: "The test can play a valuable role in helping new citizens understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship." It was introduced by the former government to "assist" people who want to become Australians understand

"Australian values, traditions, history and national symbols".

The test, which started on October 1, has to be taken by migrants aged 18-60, before they apply for citizenship. The Department of Immigration review from October to the end of December found 92.9 per cent passed on their first or subsequent attempts. Candidates are allowed as many attempts as they want.

But there were some surprises: The lowest failure rate was 0.9 per cent for the 338 South African applicants, followed by just 1.1 per cent for the 634 from India, and 1.9 per cent for the 254 from the Philippines.

The 1103 British migrants had a 2.26 per cent failure rate, and the 282 New Zealanders, 2.8 per cent. Skilled migrants, who made up 44 per cent of the 9043 people from 172 countries who sat the test, had the best pass rate of 97 per cent, and family reunion migrants, 21.6 per cent of participants had a 90 per cent success rate.

However, for migrants here on humanitarian grounds the success rate fell to 80 per cent.,23599,23123028-421,00.html

Enemy Hams it up

Online jihadis celebrate John Howard's election defeat.

'We shot down crusader Howard', says al-Qaeda
By Mark Schliebs
January 31, 2008 12:00am
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Extremists target Australia in covert web propaganda

'Attacked Howard in Iraq', celebrated election defeat

AL-QAEDA-linked insurgency groups are cheering Australian troop casualties and mocking the Federal Government for “fleeing like a cornered mouse” from Iraq.
The claims are made in Arabic on secretive web networks bonded by a hatred of the West and filled with images and video clips from warzones that terror experts say are becoming more effective than Kalashnikovs in the modern jihad.
A special investigation by infiltrating these global networks has identified jihadi references to the “embarrassing collapse” of the Howard government and cites Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Iraq withdrawal as a “victory”.
The investigation also uncovered:

STATEMENTS from the Taliban in Afghanistan detailing the deaths of Australian troops just hours after they were killed (Full story)

CLAIMS by al-Qaeda in Iraq that it attacked and damaged a helicopter carrying then prime minister John Howard

HOW Baghdad Sniper, “Juba”, is driving recruitment through a graphic new video that shows him shooting Coalition troops dead (Full story)

VIGILANTES who infiltrate the websites and shut them down (Full story)

“Cornered mouse” Some of the fiercest propaganda comes from a coalition of Sunni insurgents in Iraq known as the Jihad and Reform Front.
In a recent post from
“The political office of The Conquerors’ Army” titled “Australia – a new ally fleeing like a cornered mouse”, the group said the insurgents were on track for victory in Iraq.
“Today we see the withdrawal of another Christian ally leaving the Americans drowning alone in this swamp,” the statement says in Arabic.
“This ally is Australia, and despite the few numbers of soldiers that this country has in the Christian Alliance its withdrawal will be considered an achievement and victory to be added to the numerous victories of the Muslim fighters, praise Allah.”

The statement posted on December 5 last year – 11 days after the federal election – is filled with quotations from the Koran. It frames the conflict in religious terms rather than geo-political with emphasis placed on the crumbling Christian armies: “Hence when the cross and its allied corroborators exercise their muscles while a series of collapses of its allies and their withdrawals around the Americans continue these will be the result of painful blows to the Christians at the hands (of) Muslim fighters.”
The Jihad and Reform Front is made up of the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI), the Mujahideen Army and the Group of the Protectors of Sunnah.
“We shot down PM” The IAI – whose foot soldiers include the notorious Baghdad sniper Juba – is one of the two major groups to have constructed a sophisticated propaganda machine that is targeting Australia in its war and driving jihadi recruitment online. (Full story)
The IAI’s main rival, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), otherwise known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, has released a statement to Islamic websites claiming to have attacked a helicopter carrying John Howard.
“The Islamic State of Iraq adopts responsibility for the attack against the helicopter which was carrying the crusader John Howard – Australia (sic) Prime Minister – forcing the helicopter to make (an) emergency landing,” the statement says.
“The attack was carried out by the air defense (sic) weapon… all praise and gratitude be to Allah.” The statement came a week after news broke in Australia that Mr Howard’s flight did make an emergency landing in Iraq blowing smoke from a hydraulic fuel leak. But the incident happened a day earlier – on March 17, 2007 - than in the ISI claim and Mr Howard was aboard a Hercules transport, not a helicopter.
Dr Matthew Gray from the Australian National University’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies said many of these types of claims were opportunistic. “That’s just a classic thing – a bomb goes off and six groups claim responsibility for it,” Dr Gray said. “It’s just propaganda… they haven’t even got their facts right.”
The Department of Defence is looking into the matter. Laughing at us But the effectiveness of such propaganda can be seen in public discussions igniting on forums popular with Islamic extremists. A search through one forum registered in Cairo shows a file picture of a visibly dejected John Howard over a derisive post on the result of the Australian election just hours after the outcome was declared.
“After a rule that lasted 10 years, Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s government suffered an embarrassing collapse in the Australian elections,” the post says. “John Howard the biggest supporter of America, siding with Britain during its war against what is called terrorism.
“What must be said is that the winner of the elections, Kevin Rudd, has promised to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq … that is what we wished would happen.”
The forum goes on to deride a list of Western leaders who have made their political exits. Kevin Rudd’s office declined to comment and Mr Howard has yet to return calls. But director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s strategy and international relations program, Dr Rod Lyon, said Iraqi insurgents would be wrong to think Australian troops had abandoned the US.
“It’s hard to paint a withdrawal as a defeat or a retreat,” Dr Lyon said. “(The Government) is still on board for the alliance.” Australia, which was part of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, will withdraw 550 troops of the 1575 Defence personnel by July as part of the Rudd Government’s strategic foreign policy.
Australian troops have also been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan since 2001 in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre with about 1000 personnel on active duty.
So far, just five Australian soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan: Trooper Andrew Russell, Private Jake Kovco, Trooper David Pearce, Sergeant Matthew Locke and Private Luke Worsley.
More than 4000 US troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, while British troop deaths numbered more than 500.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Historical Context

World War IV: A Military Perspective
By Christopher D. Geisel
by Norman Podhoretz, New York:

Iranian Mig-29 SMT

That is the major accomplishment of this book, placing the current war against the Islamist terrorists in a convincing historical context. Podhoretz writes:

In World War II, the totalitarian challenge to the liberal democratic world of which we were a leading part came from the Right; in World War III, it came from the Left. Now in World War IV, it comes from a religious force that was born in the seventh century, that was schooled politically at the feet of the totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth, that went on to equip itself with the technologies of the twenty-first, and that is now striving mightily to arm itself with the weaponry of the twenty-first as well.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Allied Air Power Summary 28th Jan 08

A C-17 Globemaster III taxies to the ramp at Balad Air Base, Iraq. The aircraft can perform tactical airlift and airdrop missions and can also transport litters and ambulatory patients during aeromedical evacuations when required. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. John Nimmo Sr.)

Airpower: Heavy airlift sustains operations
US Air Force Jan 28, 2008

SOUTHWEST ASIA: Coalition airpower integrated with coalition ground forces in Iraq and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan during operations Jan. 26, according to Combined Air and Space Operations Center officials here.
In Afghanistan, Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fired cannon rounds and dropped guided bomb unit-38s onto enemy combatant positions and an enemy complex.
Furthermore, an F-15E conducted shows of force over the same positions in order to deter enemy activities in that area.
The on-scene joint terminal attack controller declared the missions a success.

In Kandahar, a French Mirage-2000 dropped a GBU-12 onto an enemy position where improvised explosive device emplacers were located. The mission was reported as successful by the JTAC.

click to enlarge

In Bari Kowt, F-15Es dropped a GBU-12 onto an enemy combatant position and performed shows of force to deter enemy activities in that location. The JTAC confirmed the missions as successful.
An F-15E conducted a show of force in the vicinity of Deh Rawod in order to deter enemy activities in that area. The mission was declared a success by the JTAC.
In total, 42 close-air-support missions were flown as part of the ISAF and Afghan security forces, reconstruction activities and route patrols.
Nine Air Force and Royal Air Force intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Afghanistan.
In Iraq, a Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet performed a show of force in the vicinity of Mosul in order to deter enemy activities. The JTAC reported the mission a success.
In total, coalition aircraft flew 39 close-air-support missions for Operation Iraqi Freedom. These missions integrated and synchronized coalition ground forces, protected key infrastructure, provided over watch for reconstruction activities and helped to deter and disrupt terrorist activities.
Eleven Air Force and Navy intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Iraq. Additionally, eight Air Force, Navy, and RAF aircraft performed tactical reconnaissance.
U.S. C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster IIIs provided intra-theater heavy airlift, helping to sustain operations throughout Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa.
Approximately 136 airlift sorties were flown, 480 tons of cargo were delivered, and 2,685 passengers were transported. This included approximately 73,920 pounds of troop re-supply air-dropped in Afghanistan.
Coalition C-130 crews from Australia and Iraq flew as part of operations in Afghanistan or Iraq.
On Jan. 25, Air Force and RAF aerial refueling crews flew 44 sorties and off-loaded approximately 2.8 million pounds of fuel to 239 receiving aircraft.

Europe News 28th Jan 2008

Austrian Alpine Soldier
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Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West will challenge the way you look at the world
Pat Condell: Free speech - O dhimmi Canada
Islamic Stoning - What happens in Stoning?
Liberation Army Against Freedom - Terrorists Teach Fireworks Safety
Sam Solomon - Progress for Western Liberal Democracies and their Muslim Communities?
Robert Spencer - Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't
Robert Spencer - The Truth About Muhammad
Islam: What We Need to Know (Dutch subtitles)
Sam Harris on Islam

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting the job done

Aussie hits on Taliban

Lauren Wilson and Mark Dodd January 28, 2008

AUSTRALIAN special forces fighting in Afghanistan have been successful in targeting and assassinating key Taliban leaders, but at the cost of civilian casualties, a new article claims.
Time magazine today has for the first time detailed some of the secret operations undertaken by Australian troops, including an incident in which they killed 33 Taliban militants in one day.

The article reveals how they dropped a bomb on the Taliban boss of the province of Oruzgan, Qari Faizullah Mohammed, as he sat under an almond tree at Tora Chena, near Tarin Kowt.

They also tracked another rebel leader, Mullah Pi Mohammed, into the mountains near Deh Roshan, killing him and his Taliban fighters. Afghan police reported that it was Australian soldiers who killed the senior Taliban member, Mullah Sadullah, near Tarin Kowt.

While much media coverage has focused on Australia's 400-strong reconstruction taskforce in Afghanistan's southern Oruzgan province, the Time article reveals allegations that there have been many civilian casualties from the Australian troops' operations.

Successful as the Australians have been, "with Australian special forces, sometimes civilians are getting killed", says General Mohammed Sabir, commander of the Afghan army brigade in Oruzgan.

An Australian Defence Force spokesman refused to comment on incidents, operations or tactics, but said Australian troops took all reasonable steps to avoid endangering the lives of non-combatants.

The Time article sheds new light on the death last year of commando Luke Worsley, the third Australian killed fighting the Taliban.

Worsley was reportedly shot dead as he entered a home in what was believed to be an extremist Taliban compound in Chenartu village, in southern Afghanistan.

Six members of the Daad family were also killed by International Security Assistance Force soldiers in the bloody shootout.

It is understood Taliban members were scheduled to meet at the family residence on the night, and Australian soldiers launched a strike on the compound.

The ISAF pays compensation to the families of killed civilians. It is reported that about $1200 was paid out to survivors of the raid at Chenartu.

The publication of these revelations coincides with news that the Royal Australian Navy is considering a Dutch offer to provide advanced training for sailors and officers expected to crew Australia's two yet-to-be-built $3 billion amphibious warships.

The two countries are already co-operating in Afghanistan, where the Dutch army provides a key overwatch role in providing security for an Australian reconstruction taskforce.,25197,23118617-31477,00.html

History will repeat...

click to enlarge

Al says:

"If you'd said [on September 10, 2001] that whether something does or does not cause offence to Muslims would be the early 21st century's principal political dynamic in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, most folks would have thought you were crazy." --Mark Steyn, 'America Alone'

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gun Quiz

I got this baby!

9519 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 35073 times.
33% of people had this result.
Take the quick quiz

United We Must Stand

The press, radio, TV stations and book publishers in the US.
BLOGGERS....please spread the word.
Please note that this is urgent and potentially life saving...
Lionheart, a valiant young British Christian, has been issued with an arrest warrant for breaking British Incitement to Racial and Religious Hatred laws on his blog while discussing his life in Luton, a town with a high proportion of muslims. He has discussed pimps and their drug-addiction to prostitution entrapment methods used on young non-muslim girls, terrorists and extremists from his neighbourhood or connected to it, and drug dealers who control the drug rings in the area with mafia style domination and intimidation.
His neighbourhood has been dhimmified by its relatively new, yet rapidly mushrooming and highly organised muslim warlords who live like kings with dripping wealth. His story has highlighted the glaringly obvious possibility of the importation of cheap drugs from Pakistan by 'ordinary' muslims due to its ability to generate vast amounts of capital needed to fund the cycle of crime; drugs into the young girls, money generated from prostitution and dealing, money into the warlords pockets and those of their families, money out to the terrorists at home and abroad.
We MUST stop this NOW as keeping our heads in the sand will be the death of all of us!He is currently in the US but his flight back is in about four days....and counting! He has very little money as his life has been turned upside down and I am very sad to say very few people have put their hands in their pockets to help when he needed their help the most. People who know his plight and sympathise with his views have, on the whole, let him down catastrophically. If something like a book offer, speaking position or similar is not offered to him in the next four days, he will get on that flight and return to the UK and be arrested on arrival.
He will most likely be bailed after being charged and returned to his neighbourhood where he will have to live very secretively or be murdered. This is a very real possibility.He helped the police imprison one of the drug dealers in his area and muslims in his area may well desire retribution, but more than just an eye for an eye. Even if he is released without charge, he will be in grave danger. If he goes to prison, his companions will be pimps, drug dealers and terrorists, many of whom will be muslim who will know who he is and the man he helped imprison.
He has told me he would refuse to be put into protective areas as he would not want to be in the company of sex offenders. He has pictured what could and most likely would happen to him and has accepted that fate as a consequence of speaking the truth but I have not and neither should you!I do not want him to go back to the UK as, I believe, he will not live for long and his death would do more damage to the fight against tyranny and Islamification than you could imagine.
Blogs would vanish voluntarily as people will look at just how dangerous it is to speak out.
We will put ourselves in Lionheart's shoes and admit that we are simply not as brave as he and not as prepared to lose what he have.
Please get in contact with him via his blog or via me at
Please don't leave it too long. He is a nice young man who has done what he felt was right for his country and men of such character are few and far between and we should protect them with the same gusto which he has mustered all along. He speaks well on live radio and has already done two radio interviews in the US in the last week. Atlas Shrugs was one and it was a really good show.Lionheart is to Britain what Brigitte Gabriel was to Lebanon.
The US provided sanctuary and a platform to Brigitte. Lionheart could now do what Brigitte has been doing for years; raising awareness and speaking the truth as a grave warning to the US. He could be an invaluable asset to you while remaining free to help his country from afar.Missing his hour of need will force Lionheart back into the lion's den.
Please do whatever you can to ensure that does not happen.
Please, please, please help!

Below is an indepth interview from:

Lionheart and the BNP

If you are unfamiliar with the story of the British Anti-jihad blogger Lionheart, then you should read the stories linked in the introductory portion of the interview below.

There is so much more to Lionheart’s story that it cannot fit into a single post.

After reading the posts at P. Chesler’s blog and others, I felt it was important to get a clearer picture of Lionheart’s position vis a vis the BNP.

Thus my attempts to find him in the right time, and the right surroundings to ask some important questions.

UPDATE 1/17/08 2:04

Lionheart sends this link to a web site for the BNP modernizers:

Also see:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Proud to be Aussie Day

Australia in Pictures
A quick look around the country we call home. Hope you like it.

Everyone jumps for joy on Australia Day.

Young Aussie of the year- Casey Stoner.

Motorcycle champ named Young Australian of the Year
January 25, 2008
IT was just three months ago that Casey Stoner zoomed down the straight of Phillip Island on the back of a shiny red Ducati motorbike and became the MotoGP Champion of the World.
Now he has taken out a much more sobering award - Young Australian of the Year.

The 22-year-old has been working towards his motorcycling victory since he could walk. He first rode a motorbike at the age of three and started racing when he was just four years old. By the time the young revhead was 14 he had won 41 dirt and long track titles and 70 state titles.

But Casey had then outgrown motorbike racing in Australia as he was too young for road racing. But not in Europe. The Tamworth family packed up and took a huge gamble on Casey's formidable skills, heading to Europe where they all helped kick-start his international racing career from a caravan.

Now less than 10 years later, the young boy from country NSW is married, at the top of one of the most glamorous sports and riding on the back of a machine that makes millions envious all around the world. AAP,25197,23108530-5013404,00.html

Lee Kernaghan named Australian of the Year
January 25, 2008
COUNTRY music star Lee Kernaghan has been named Australian of the Year for 2008.

read the rest:,25197,23108522-601,00.html

Friday, January 25, 2008

Anglosphere Consortium


The Anglosphere Consortium blogroll link

To add the Anglosphere Consortium logo to your blog, simply save the image (above) to your computer, then paste it above The Anglosphere Consortium blogroll on your site. If you do not add the logo, then you'd best write in the title for the blogoll as it does not - as yet - automatically appear above the link list. (Bloody computers!)
Congratulations, you are now among the champions of Western Civilization - the last best hope of mankind!If you are not familiar with the concept of the Anglosphere, then I highly recommend you read the following:
Now... you'll no doubt be wanting to join us? Brilliant! Please return to the top of the page post haste and get to it.
Joined today, thanks to all.

God Bless the West

The Secret War

Why they call me Infidel - Islam's Secret War on the West

Islam's agenda? world conquest and sharia law imposed on all. They are teaching hate in ALL Mosques and in muslim schools all over the world. Jihad is the backbone of Islam

We're not going to take it anymore



Brit Terrorism Newspeak

British Home Office Secretary Jacqui Smith has ordered "Islamic terrorism" to be called "anti-Islamic activity." The newspeak strategy is to portray terrorists as not fighting for a religious cause.
Officials also indicated that "war on terror" and "Islamic extremism" will no longer be acceptable terminology among those involved in counterterrorism. More here.

ORG units

Brisbane will be Australia's 'terror hub'
By Michael Wray
January 21, 2008 01:00am

BRISBANE will be Australia's counter terrorism policing hub with squads of elite federal police to be based in the city for emergencies at home and in the Pacific region.

But with Queensland police numbers already stretched, there are concerns experienced local officers will move to the Australian Federal Police and leave a skills vacuum in specialist services.
The AFP confirmed yesterday that a crack Operational Response Group unit had been set up in Brisbane but refused to say how many officers it had or what they did.

But The Courier-Mail understands the 150 ORG officers will be split into three units of 50, with two units in Brisbane and one in Canberra.

It is believed a combination of Brisbane's proximity to the Pacific region, its international airport and the Enoggera army base made it an attractive host for the ORG units.

But the new positions have the potential to affect the Queensland Police Service, which has already indicated to the AFP it will not be able to continue its deployments to Timor and the Solomon Islands after June.

A total of 20 officers are in Timor and the Solomons as part of six-month secondments but the drain on resources has taken its toll. Queensland is trying to fill its quota of 118 police for the Brisbane, Coolangatta and Cairns airports by the middle of the year.

Eleven officers are in the Northern Territory as part of the former Howard government's intervention in indigenous communities. The officers who switch to the ORG could earn as much as $40,000 more in base salary and tens of thousands more should they be sent overseas.

Queensland Police Union general secretary Phil Hocken said the drain of senior police to the AFP was a major problem.

"Experienced cops are always hard to replace but there's not much we can really do because it's up to the individual," Mr Hocken said. The losses and competition for officers has heaped more pressure on the State Government which has promised to boost frontline officer numbers.

The AFP has been rebuilding its depleted International Deployment Group since mid-2006 in response to increasing regional demands. Police Federation of Australia chief executive Mark Burgess said all Australian jurisdictions faced shortages with 13,200 officers needed in the next three years.

AFP officers are serving on overseas deployments in Cyprus, the Solomon Islands, Sudan, Timor-Leste, Nauru, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cambodia and Afghanistan, according to the AFP website.,23599,23081973-2,00.html

Labor Rudd - Defence Cuts

Military chief wary of defence cuts
Mark Dodd January 25, 2008

DEFENCE Force Chief Angus Houston has warned the Rudd Government against cutting defence spending, insisting there is no fat to trim without compromising overseas deployments involving 3500 personnel.
He has also foreshadowed replacing Australian engineers in Afghanistan with combat troops.
On Wednesday, Wayne Swan predicted heavy cuts in the 2008-09 budget after news that inflation hit a 16-year high of 3.6per cent in the final three months of last year.
The Treasurer refused to say whether Defence would be quarantined from the cuts, in comments apparently at odds with a pre-election pledge by Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner.
Yesterday, Air Chief Marshal Houston said the ADF was operating at its busiest tempo since the Vietnam War, with almost 20,000 personnel being rotated through deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor and the Solomons.
Air Chief Marshal Houston said the military would always seek to "cut fat" and accepted Defence might have to deliver a 2-3 per cent efficiency dividend.
"I think the efficiency dividend will be applied in some areas, but not in the vital operational areas -- but that's something that will come in the fullness of time," he said.
"At this stage, the efficiency is applied in only a very limited part of our organisation."
Air Chief Marshal Houston also said counter-insurgency-trained infantry could replace army engineers based in southern Afghanistan after a review of operations.
The possible change to the army's mix of troops based in south-central Oruzgan province would not involve an increase in overall troop numbers, now at 1038. Instead, it would put a sharper emphasis on combat-ready infantry troops.
"What we'll do is look at what we've got on the ground and make some recommendations to the Government," the defence chief said.
Last month, new Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon warned that the war in Afghanistan would be lost unless NATO and its allies changed tactics to bring stability to the country.
His blunt admonition was delivered to a closed-door meeting in Scotland of eight defence ministers from the US, Australia and six other key NATO nations with troops in Afghanistan.
But after disparaging comments in Scotland that the coalition was losing the war in Afghanistan, Air Chief Marshal Houston said he believed things were now changing for the better.
"What we are seeing is the development of a comprehensive, whole-of-country strategy for Afghanistan, which is something that has been lacking up to now," he said.
Australia is the 10th biggest troop contributing nation to the 40,000-strong NATO-led International Security Assistance Force but apart from a 300-strong Special Forces Task Group, most soldiers are working on reconstruction and are not engaged in combat operations that cost three Australian lives last year.
Australians rate security No.1
Annalise Walliker
January 23, 2008 12:00am

YOUNG Aussies rate safety, mateship and democracy as the three most important Australian values, according to a study into our national identity.
But youngsters have rejected the traditional national stereotypes that portray us as lovers of beer, barbecues, beaches and sport.
While socialising and money seem to be young people's top priorities, the survey found family and education were more important to them than prosperity and lifestyle.
The Aussie Have Your Say national identity survey, conducted by the University of Western Sydney and funded by the Australian Research Council, aims to survey 10,000 Australians.
Dr Genevieve Nelson from the university's Centre for Educational Research said the aim was to find what being Australian means.
"We want to put the Australian stereotypes to the test and get a better understanding of the Australian identity -- are we really all about barbecues, beer and being outdoors?" she said.
After surveying 5000 people so far, the preliminary findings look at the results from 2500 people aged 8 to 25 surveyed last year.
Those surveyed were given a list of categories and asked how Australian they felt that value to be.
Safety was the No. 1 value and the biggest concern in young people's lives.
The result was surprising, Dr Nelson said.
"That young people felt safety was the most important, especially in this time of terrorism, war and violence when the media makes us so aware of it, is very significant," she said.
"They feel Australia is such a safe country it's a big part of their national identity."
Stereotypes such as a love of beach, barbecues and sports were being challenged, Dr Nelson said.
"They seem to have rejected them, or at least they haven't registered them as important parts of what it means to be Australian," she said.
The study needs another 5000 people of all ages. To have your say call (02) 9772 6661. Net link:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Europe News Summary 23rd Jan 2008

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, with the Danish Home Guard.
No tolerance for intolerance - No apology for being free!
Press Review » January 23 2008
Newsletter » Roundup

News »
· Three Little Pigs Fairytale "OFFENDS" Muslims
· MPs parliamentary commnents on mosques welcomed
· Birmingham's multi-faith business challenge
· Debate: Are Muslim U.K. Visa Holders and Muslim U.K. Citizens Permitted to Carry Out
· UK can withstand global financial Turmoil: Spokesman
· Attacks in Great Britain?
· Britain's voluntary apartheid
· Many British Muslim Women Embrace Political Islam
· Scotland's growth has downside too
· Empowering Muslim women
· Minister warns of 'peril' as he pushes for 42-day lock-up

· France bans Britain's migrant X-ray scanner... because it might breach health and safety
· No burqa ban in the Netherlands
· Dutch to ban burqas in schools/govt offices-media
· Grand Mufty of Syria Threatens Netherlands
· Graz bishop rejects taboos on discussion of Islam
· Austrian army recruits two imams
· Mutual tolerance, education boost needed: Austrian migration report
· Arrests worry Barcelona's Pakistanis
· Bosnia: Mujahadeen leader Abu Hamza to be expelled

· Freedom in the World 2008 Survey Release
· Europeans Afraid of Muslims, Americans and Israelis Not
· David Cameron must take us out of EU treaty
· The general comes to Europe
· No help at hand

· Islamic speakers attract hundreds to Gracie Fields Theatre
· Honor killings: When the ancient and the modern collide

Articles »
· Protecting Our Journalists From Libel Terrorism
· Why are our politicians so bad?
· 10 Myths About Islam - Knowledge is Power
· Muhammad and his wifes – a Conditional Model for Muslims
· Book essay: Liberal Fascism

Videos »
· Geert Wilders Quran video preview
· Yuri Bezmenov - KGB defector describes what has been done to America
· Comedy: Ahmadinejad and his regime
· Muslim Sesame Street: "Death to America"
· Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West will challenge the way you look at the world
· Pat Condell: Free speech - O dhimmi Canada
· Islamic Stoning - What happens in Stoning?
· Liberation Army Against Freedom - Terrorists Teach Fireworks Safety
· Susanne Winter about Muhammad
· Documentary Armenian Genocide
· Sam Solomon - Progress for Western Liberal Democracies and their Muslim Communities?
· Robert Spencer - Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't
· Robert Spencer - The Truth About Muhammad
· Islam: What We Need to Know (Dutch subtitles)
· Sam Harris on Islam

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Geert Trailer

free speech for the dumb

Metallica In 31 Pictures -FREE FUCKING SPEEEECCCHHHHH!!!!

Free speech, free speech for the dumb, free speech, free speech for the dumb, free speech, free speech for the dumbFREE FUCKING SPEEEECCCHHHHH!!!!

Metal vs. Chalga

Metallica - When Hell Freezes Over (The Call of Ktulu) Demo


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Europe News Summary 21st Jan 08

No tolerance for intolerance - No apology for being free!
Press Review » January 21 2008
Newsletter » Roundup

News »
· British Muslims 'We want to offer sharia law to Britain'
· Britain is a destination for libel suits
· Surge in immigrants in Britain Anglicising names
· Against Islamic Apartheid

· Musharraf begins European tour
· European Muslims are now getting the same treatment Jews had a century ago
· Young jihadis are now “criminals”
· Study sees distrust between Muslims and West
· Serbia: Terrorism expert receives death threat
· Iran warns Hague over anti-Islam film
· Netherlands Most Optimistic Western Country on Islam
· Anti-Quran film expected to test the limits of Dutch tolerance
· Sarkozy `Silently' Softens His Stance on Illegal Workers' Visas
· Sarkozy warns on intolerant religion
· Issues for Muslim Women in Europe Evolve
· PML (N) to fight legal battle for Muslims caged in Spain

· Lifting Turkey's headscarf ban: freedom of choice, or Islamist Trojan horse?
· Hrant Dink "I am the one who understands his nation’s pains and bears that burden"
· Turkey Bans YouTube for Second Time
· Turkey: transsexuals take to the stage to defend their rights
· IQ: Discovered papers shed light on insurgency
· BD: Islamic Law - The future scenario
· Saudi Arabia investing in Hizb ut-Tahrir
· Malaysia Churches Protest Confiscation Of Christian Children's Books
· What's the PC word for 'potty politician'?
· Head Of Turkish Diyanet: Islam Tells Women To Cover Their Heads
· 'We're supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire'
· Clitoral Relativism - Female Genital Mutilation in “Tolerant” Islamic Indonesia
· Indonesia: A Cutting Tradition - 96% mutilated

Articles »
· Stalin is century's bloodiest figure
· 10 Myths About Islam - Knowledge is Power
· Muhammad and his wifes – a Conditional Model for Muslims
· Book essay: Liberal Fascism
· If we refuse to even identify our enemy ...
· 'Humanitarian' intervention: a bad idea
Videos »
· What has been done to America?
· Muslim Sesame Street: "Death to America"
· Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West will challenge the way you look at the world
· Pat Condell: Free speech - O dhimmi Canada

EuropeNews is a neutral media service run by volunteer effort. Our editoral and financial independence is important to us. The editorial staff followes no political or economic interests, but offers daily updated a wide selection of articles, topics & facts about controversial subjects.

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