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Forgiveness of Sins - Time to Repent

Pope says hell and damnation are real and eternal
By Richard Owen in Rome
March 28, 2007 12:00am

HELL is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful, Pope Benedict XVI has said.
Addressing a parish gathering in a northern suburb of Rome, the Pope said that in the modern world many people, including some believers, had forgotten that if they failed to "admit blame and promise to sin no more", they risked "eternal damnation - the inferno". Hell "really exists and is eternal, even if nobody talks about it much any more".
The Pope, who as cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was head of Catholic doctrine, noted that "forgiveness of sins" for those who repented was a cornerstone of Christian belief. He recalled that Jesus had forgiven the "woman taken in adultery" and prevented her from being stoned to death, observing:
"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
God had given men and women free will to choose whether "spontaneously to accept salvation...the Christian faith is not imposed on anyone, it is a gift, an offer to mankind".
Vatican officials said the Pope - who is also the Bishop of Rome - had been speaking in "straightforward" language "like a parish priest".
He had wanted to reinforce the new Catholic catechism, which holds that hell is a "state of eternal separation from God", to be understood "symbolically rather than physically".
Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, a church historian, said the Pope was "right to remind us that hell is not something to be put on one side" as an inconvenient or embarrassing aspect of belief. It was described by St Matthew as a place of "everlasting fire" (Matthew xxv, 41).
"The problem is not only that our sense of sin has declined, but also that the world wars and totalitarianisms of the 20th century created a hell on earth as bad as anything we can imagine in the afterlife," Professor Bagliani said.
In 1999, pope John Paul II said heaven was "neither an abstraction nor a physical place in the clouds, but that fullness of communion with God, which is the goal of human life".
Hell, by contrast, was "the ultimate consequence of sin itself. Rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy".
In October, the Pope indicated that limbo, supposed since medieval times to be a "halfway house" between heaven and hell, was "only a theological hypothesis" and not a "definitive truth of the faith".
The Times, London, in The Australian

UK Resistance has begun!

A Legend Awakens for the people of the UK.....

Breaking News: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

The Legend of Ivinghoe Beacon whispered throughout the Chiltern hills is that during Saxon Times when there was impending danger of War & Attack from the invading enemies, the Beacon was set alight so that everyone for miles around were aware of the danger coming their way and could prepare for War.

Please read: A Warning to the Dunstable Community - if you have not already.

Please think about the future, you might not be here living in it but your descendents will be and they cannot escape the future Our country is walking towards and will pay the price for all of Our ignorance.

I pray that God will set Our Beacon ablaze for the whole world to see, we are living in the 21st Century with the technology for the whole world to see the blazing fire of Our Beacon.

In His Service

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Wargaming Tribute

The purpose of all war is peace.
- Saint Augustine, 354-430
"Just drive down that road, until you get blown up"
- General George Patton, about reconnaissance troops
A few essays have said that we in the West need to develop the War Mind. In todays society of anti-maleness, sensitivity training, anti-guns, anti-war, thanks to political correctness, which is designed to make the West weak and fragile - like PUSSIES!.
The following is an example of the best wargames around.

A Salute to Noob Weapons!!

Ghost Recon, Battlefield, Delta Force, Americas Army Montage

Gears of war, Halo, Rainbow Six Montage

Body Armour for kids - UK

Bullet-proof vest ... the latest protection for children in the fight against knife attacks

Parents buying body armour
March 28, 2007 01:38pm
Article from: Agence France-Presse

Parent buying protective vests for kids

Parents worried by spate of teenage stabbings

WORRIED parents are buying protective vests for their children following a string of fatal stabbings in Britain, a local newspaper reports.

VestGuard UK, which supplies stab- and bullet-proof vests to government agencies around the world, said it had received more than 100 from parents in London alone, compared with about one or two inquiries from parents across the entire country in previous years, the Daily Mail said.

About 60 vests, which cost between £200 ($488) and £425 ($1037) each, have been ordered. The surge in the interest in stab-proof vests follows fatal knifings in Britain, notably those of teenagers Adam Regis, and Kodjo Yenga, both in London in the past two weeks.

"They (parents) are concerned by what is happening on the streets - the level of violence," Shaun Ward, VestGuard UK's sales director, was quoted as saying by the Mail.

"We have been making really small vests that have a 28-inch (71-centimeter) chest and weigh 800 grams. The children have been mostly boys, but there are a few girls,'' he said.

"A 13-year-old girl has been our youngest customer but most are about 15 or 16."

The vests sold by VestGuard UK are slightly softer and more flexible than comparable versions worn by police, but have been tested extensively and the company claims they can withstand a shot from a crossbow.

Also from England via LionHeart,
This situation is global. - A must read

A Warning to the Dunstable Community

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UN - Moral Inversons & Hypocrisies

Banned UN Speech: "Human Rights Nightmare"

UN Watch director Hillel Neuer really unloads on the blatantly corrupt UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva—and then is denounced by furious council president Luis Alfonso De Alba, who threatens to remove Neuer’s statements from the record.
The United Nations at work.………………….. LGF

Prequel: The Speeches NOT Banned at UN Human Rights Council
Support UN Watch: visit

New Australian Army Recruting Standards

Australian military

Nelson seeks Dad's Army
Gerard McManus
March 26, 2007 12:00am
Article from:

AUSTRALIA is to adopt a Dad's Army" recruiting campaign,

with soldiers as old as 56 able to sign up to defend the nation.

And Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said yesterday the compulsory retirement age for members of the ADF would be lifted from 55 to 60.

Dr Nelson said the ADF's recruitment age was to be raised from 51 to 56 with a multi-million-dollar campaign to start in a fortnight.

Older recruits without a year 10 school certificate would also be considered, he said, and initial training would be slashed from 31 weeks to six.

The ADF had failed to meet any recruitment targets for years, despite spending tens of millions in failed advertising and recruitment campaigns, but Dr Nelson said more money had to be spent.

Dr Nelson, who had previously dropped other barriers to enlistment such as former drug use and tattoos, said older troops would not necessarily be on the front line.

"We're not . . . talking about 55-year-olds jumping out of helicopters with full packs on with the special forces," he told the Nine Network yesterday.

"But there are a whole variety of jobs in the Australian military which can and should be undertaken by people in a uniform.

"And we know there are many people in their 40s, people like myself at my age, for example, who really want to spend the rest of their working lives making a real difference."

Labor defence spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said the ADF should be smarter, not older.

"Success in improving recruitment and retention will come not through lowering standards and raising retirement ages, but by improving conditions of employment," he said.

The Howard Government wants to lift army numbers by 20 per cent over the next decade.
The ADF has servicemen and women in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and the South Pacific.

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Modern Liberals & How they Think

Watch the video below and see why the Leftist/Socialist/Elite are Garbage.

HERITAGE FOUNDATION: "How Modern Liberals Think"

Evan Sayet speaks at the Heritage Foundation
It's long but well worth watching it all. It explains everything from 9/11 to Education and Hollywood, TV and much more of the pathetic elite utopia thinking thats forced on us and your kids and undermining the war effort. This is not about the liberal party in Oz.

A must watch.

h/t :

Custom Bikes from the U.S.

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Food & Drink Jihad

Food Jihad is a real threat, keep an eye on what you drink & eat.

Bomb plot suspect sold poisoned burgers:
March 25, 2006:

The alleged extremist, one of seven on trial for plotting to blow up British targets, was also said to have suggested poisoning takeaway food and sabotaging BT.

The court was told that other suggestions included taking a job as a beer-seller at a football stadium, smuggling in poison in a syringe. Babar said Mr Mahmood claimed that he had already sold toxic burgers from a mobile van.

Another plan was to distribute leaflets for a fictional take-away restaurant, then deliver poisoned food to houses.


A WAR OF DESTINY - Infidelity & Islam

There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right.
- Winston Churchill

Cheney's address to the Jewish Republican Coalition in FL:

The most common myth is that Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror. Opponents of our military action there have called Iraq a diversion from the real conflict, a distraction from the business of fighting and defeating bin Laden and al Qaeda. We hear this over and over again -- not as an argument, but as an assertion meant to close off argument.

Yet the critics conveniently disregard the words of bin Laden himself: "The most... serious issue today for the whole world," he said, "is this Third World War...[that is] raging in [Iraq]."

He calls it "a war of destiny between infidelity and Islam." He said, "The whole world is watching this war," and that it will end in "victory and glory or misery and humiliation."

And in words directed at the American people, Osama bin Laden declares, quote, "The war is for you or for us to win.

If we win it, it means your defeat and disgrace forever." This leader of al Qaeda has referred to Baghdad as the capital of the Caliphate.

He has also said, and I quote, "Success in Baghdad will be success for the United States. Failure in Iraqis the failure of the United States. Their defeat in Iraq will mean defeat in all their wars." End quote.

Obviously, the terrorists have no illusion about the importance of the struggle in Iraq. They have not called it a distraction or a diversion from their war against the United States. They know it is a central front in that war, and it's where they've chosen to make a stand.

Our Marines tonight are fighting al Qaeda terrorists in al Anbar Province. U.S. and Iraqi forces recently killed a number of al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad, who were responsible for numerous car bomb attacks. Iraq's relevance to the war on terror simply could not be more plain. Here at home, that makes one thing, above all, very clear:

If you support the war on terror, then it only makes sense to support it where the terrorists are fighting us. (Applause.)

Multi- National Force- Iraq

Good Advise Here on where to get REAL "boots on the ground" video.....

Multi-National Force - Iraq established this YouTube channel to give viewers around the world a "boots on the ground" perspective of Operation Iraqi Freedom from those who are fighting it.

Video clips document action as it appeared to personnel on the ground and in the air as it was shot. We will only edit video clips for time, security reasons, and/or overly disturbing or offensive images.

What you will see on this channel in the coming months: - Combat action - Interesting, eye-catching footage - Interaction between Coalition troops and the Iraqi populace. - Teamwork between Coalition and Iraqi troops in the fight against terror.

What we will NOT post on this channel: - Profanity - Sexual content - Overly graphic, disturbing or offensive material - Footage that mocks Coalition Forces, Iraqi Security Forces or the citizens of Iraq.

This YouTube channel is brought to you by the official Web site of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

City: Baghdad
Country: Iraq

Get one of these too: [Link:]

….. LGF


Justice System - Not on your side in the UK.

From LionHeartUK:

I was chased last night by a small turquoise Vauxhall people carrier type car by 3 Pakistani Moslem Men. I know that a Knight should never run unless there are more than 3 enemies in front of him but we are not living in the Holy Land in 1191, we are living in England in 2007.

These Our Moslem neighbours living in Our land do not think like us or live like us, this we see has not changed over that period in history.

These Moslem murderers have the greatest weapon on their side - "The British Justice System"

If I pulled over and shot all 3 of these people I would be locked up forever for mass murder and never see the light of day again.

If these people murdered me which is their intention then they would go to court and argue the case and end up with pathetic prison sentences, I expect 10 years or a mandatory life sentence where the tariff is 13 years, that is if they were even caught.

Where is the British justice?...

Read the rest of the above essay.

Half Life 2 Mod & other stuff

Garry's Mod Club Dance Video ( Gmod CS:S hl2 Source)by b-buck

Ballad of Black Mesa

Science Strikes Back

Stylish looking movie made by Zachariah Scott. It basically features Kliener running through the whole of HL2 to get revenge for the killing of Lamar.


Civil War in England -Soon

You can't make this stuff up. Yesterday a German judge refuse a battered wife a divorce because beating your wife is "in the Koran." Now this ........... events are spiraling out of control. Over at Town Commons here;
The far left have had the UK firmly in their control for years - and they have been busy turning out legislation to make their leftist philosophy of multiculturalism the law of the land. So, to ask a Muslim woman simply to remove her veil is considered an act of religious harassment.

And for such an act of religious harassment, a native of Britain, the father of a child, was ordered to jail today for a nine month sentence.
A DRUNK who asked a Muslim woman to raise her veil in public has been jailed for nine months for his troubles.
John Gallacher was the worst for drink, but did not touch Kadiza Begum.

Yet she insisted he was charged with religious harassment after the incident at a bus-stop in London's East End.
h/t: Atlas

London Today

London Today – Your City Tommorrow?

A fellow resident of the UK wrote the following post at JW December 31, 2006 11:14 PM . He is no longer with us as we recently learned that he passed away a couple of weeks ago in a tragic auto accident. Circumstances about this accident are posted here:

Here is Dominic's post (May he rest in peace):"

I could not agree more with your last post if I tried. Yes, of course, moslems are an alien body in our midst. Every day in London - on the tube, in shops, in parks, whilst shopping, whilst going about the 101 tasks that make up an average life - this is borne in on me.

In London today moslems dress differently, are rude to locals, jump queues, shout at us, wave their fists at us, call us 'worthless infidel' in public and in loud voices. I have, just four days ago, been elbowed aside by a moslem couple, with sidekicks, whilst trying to top up my Oyster card at a tube station at the automatic machine. Apparently, I had taken longer than the ten seconds that they were prepared to wait and so three burly males forced me aside and, when I objected, pushed me to the floor and - quite literally - and took over the machine which I was attempting to use.

Not, in a crowded and impatient city like London that this was a surprise, but that in this instance that I was insulted by these people was a surprise. The eldest male in the group, dressed in the usual and ridiculous garb of mohammedans everywhere, looked directly at me amd said, in quite clear English, (and I quote verbatim) "Get out of our way infidel slave".

You may imagine how I felt at that moment. To be so insulted in my own capital city was stunning. It took all my self-control not to do something rash at that moment.

Knowing that CCTV cameras would have captured this incident I complained, some three hours later (after having completed my journey and return), to the British Transport Police on the Broadway. I need not have bothered. Not only would no-one there take my complaint of 'technical assault and insult' seriously but no-one to whom I spoke was even prepared to initiate any paperwork whatsoever nor were they remotely prepared to find and look at the video recordings. Indeed, one Officer even said to me that I 'should swallow my pride' and live with it because - and, once again, I quote verbatim 'you are just being racist and you have to remember that it's cultural with them'.

Obviously, at this point, I indicated that I felt that I had been physically assaulted and that I would really like to have my complaint investigated. Well, this is really where everything about that evening begins to stick in my craw. When I said that, the Officer of the BTP who was listening to me actually cautioned me and warned me that if I persisted with making a nuisance of myself I would be charged under the The Race Relations Act 1976 and the RRAA (Race Relations (Amendment) Act) 2000.

I gave up at this point. Cowardice is sometimes the better part of valour. But, damn it, they won, didn't they? I have been intimidated into a dhimmi position by them and the very powers which should have protected me in my own country."Happy New Year everyone", I say in a bitter tone of voice.


h/t :Lionheart & JW

U.S. & EU in a small world

West: America's eyes should look to Europe
Diana West notes the American indifference to the Islamization of Europe -- an indifference we will surely come to regret.
Without attracting much attention, representatives of the Belgian political party Vlaams Belang recently visited Washington, D.C. Frank Vanhecke and Filip Dewinter hoped to meet members of Congress; but Congress was in recess.

They hoped to engender some understanding of their program to reverse the Islamization of Belgium; but the media were strip-mining the tinsel life and tawdry times of Anna Nicole Smith.

Maybe they should have known that Tabloid America doesn't care about the likely transformation of Europe into an Islamic continent, let alone the fate of a French- and Dutch-speaking country of 10 million people.

And while Literary America does write books about the transformation -- "While Europe Slept" by Bruce Bawer, "The War for the West" by Tony Blankley, and "America Alone" by Mark Steyn come to mind -

- Political America has yet to acknowledge or even notice this colossal, epoch-defining shift now taking place.

Why don't our leaders face it? This may be one of those questions our children will ask some day. But if such natural curiosity isn't expressed until the next generation, the civilizational struggle for Europe will certainly have been lost.

Better to question our politicians now. Better to examine the issue today.

Read it all.

An Act of War

Iran Seizes 15 British Sailors

Iran is behaving like a nation that wants to provoke an attack this morning; it’s a clear casus belli, but with the current enervated state of the UK, action is doubtful: Britain: Iran seizes 15 sailors, marines. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Iranian naval vessels on Friday seized 15 British sailors and marines who had boarded a merchant ship in Iraqi waters of the Persian Gulf, British and U.S. officials said. Britain immediately protested the detentions, which come at a time of high tension between the West and Iran.

In London, the British government summoned the Iranian ambassador to the Foreign Office and demanded “the immediate and safe return of our people and equipment.” Iran had no immediate comment.
Iran 'to try Britons for espionage'I don't know, Mahdi, what do you want to do? Provocations from Iran increasing. Looks as if the Thug-In-Chief is either eager to go to war, or confident that the British will back down. By Uzi Mahnaimi, Michael Smith...Full article: <>

BBC - Shameful Hypocrisy

Shameful, take it back Brits & use it for the good of your country.

BBC pays £200,000 to 'cover up report on anti-Israel bias'

Covering their dhimmi tracks. By Paul Revoir in the Daily Mail:

The BBC has been accused of "shameful hypocrisy" over its decision to spend £200,000 blocking a freedom of information request about its reporting in the Middle East.

The corporation, which has itself made extensive use of FOI requests in its journalism, is refusing to release papers about an internal inquiry into whether its reporting has been biased towards Palestine.

BBC chiefs have been accused of wasting thousands of pounds of licence fee payers money trying to cover-up the findings of the so called Balen Report into its journalism in the region, despite the fact that the corporation is funded by the British public.

The corporation is fighting a landmark High Court action, which starts next week, in a bid to prevent the public finding out what is in the review, which is believed to be critical of the BBC's coverage in the region.

BBC bosses have faced repeated claims that is coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict has been skewed by a pro-Palestianian bias.

The corporation famously came under fire after middle-east correspondent Barbara Plett revealed that she had cried at the death of Yasser Arafat in 2004.

The BBC's decision to carry on pursuing the case, despite the fact than the Information Tribunal said it should make the report public, has sparked fury as it flies in the face of claims by BBC chiefs that it is trying to make the corporation more open and transparent.

Politicians have branded the BBC's decision to carry on spending money, hiring the one of the country's top public law barrister in the process, as "absolutely indefensible".


Frontline Good vs Evil 2007

Battle on Haifa Street, Baghdad, Iraq

Counter-Mortar Operation

Baghdad Firefight, March 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

Salafism - The real battleline

"Perpetual peace is a futile dream."
- General George S. Patton, Jr

Europeans Losing the Fight; Belgium

Traditional mosques the world over are being overtaken by radicals. Socialist/Leftist governments are turning a blind eye as they persue the muslim vote. This will backfire in time as the native population will revolt against those in power as a matter of survival.

via the Washington Times,

I recently met Marij Uijt den Bogaard, a 49-year-old woman, who spent many years working in the immigrant neighborhoods of Antwerp. There she noticed how radical Islamists began to take over. "They work according to a well-defined plan," she says. One of the things Ms. Uijt den Bogaard used to do for the immigrants was to assist them with their administrative paperwork. Quite a few of them came to trust her.

About three years ago, young men dressed in black moved into the neighborhoods. They had been trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan and adhere to Salafism, a radical version of Islam. They set up youth organizations, which gradually took over the local mosques. "The Salafists know how to debate and they know the Qur'an by heart, while the elderly running the mosques do not," she said They also have money. "One of them told me that he gets Saudi funds."

Because they are eloquent, the radicals soon became the official spokesmen of the Muslim community, also in dealing with the city authorities. Ms. Uijt den Bogaard witnessed how the latter gave in to Salafist demands, such as the demand for separate swimming hours for Muslim women in the municipal pools. Worried immigrants told Ms. Uijt den Bogaard what was happening. On the basis of their accounts and her own experiences she wrote (confidential) reports for the city authorities about the growing radicalization. This brought her into conflict, both with the Islamists and her bosses in the city. The city warned her that her reports were unacceptable, that they read like "Vlaams Belang tracts" (the Vlaams Belang is Antwerp's anti-immigrant party) and that she had to "change her attitude." The Islamists sensed that she disapproved of them.

One day, when she was accompanied by her superior, she was attacked by a Muslim youth. Her superior refused to interfere. When she questioned him afterward he said that all the animosity toward her was her own fault. In the end she was fired. She is unemployed at the moment and gets turned away whenever she applies for another job as a civil servant. Last week, she learned that city authorities have given the job of integration officer, whose task it is to supervise 25 Antwerp mosques, to one of the radical Salafists. Meanwhile, the latter have threatened her with reprisals if she continues to speak out.

After her dismissal Ms. Uijt den Bogaard went to see Monica Deconinck, a Socialist politician who is the head of the Antwerp social department, to tell her about the plight of the Muslim women. Ms. Deconinck said, "You have taken your job too seriously and tried to do it too well," adding that she cannot help, although she sympathizes. Ms. Uijt den Bogaard also went to see Christian Democrat and Liberal politicians. They also refused to help her because they are governing the city in a coalition with the Socialists. The only opposition party in town is the Vlaams Belang.

According to Ms. Uijt den Bogaard, the reason why the Socialists, who run the city, allow the Islamists to do as they please is because they want to get the Muslim vote, which is controlled increasingly by the Salafists who are in the process of taking over the mosques.

In a letter to city authorities she wrote: "You employ workers to improve social cohesion in the city's neighborhoods. But if you do not want to know what is damaging social cohesion, then you need not bother sending those workers!... Employees who are confronted with this problem [of Muslim radicalization] and investigate are silently removed, losing their income and their reputation. That is censorship in the fashion of political dictatorships. As a former member of your services I am shocked to find myself in this position and to discover after years of service that you have no policy whatever, either political or with regard to your personnel."

Sadly, what is happening in Antwerp is not unique. The Salafists employ the same strategy in other European cities.

They boasted to Ms. Uijt den Bogaard about their international network and their successes in neighboring countries.

While the Americans fight to secure Iraq, Western Europe is becoming a hotbed of Salafism.


Change = Threats

Socialism is like a dream. Sooner or later you wake up to reality.
- Winston Churchill

Outspoken Muslim seeks police protection
Yet another indication - why Islamic reform is so exceedingly difficult.
By Barney Zwartz in The Age,

One of Australia's most important Muslim leaders has sought police protection after criticising controversial cleric Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali.

Tom Zreika, president of the Lebanese Muslim Association - and Sheikh Hilali's employer - said he received non-stop phone threats yesterday after he released a document urging greater integration and for Muslims to "mend their ways".

The report, prepared for a national meeting of imams in Sydney this weekend, says some

Muslims are "ruining it" for all and that Australians have "had enough" of Muslims. His report also recommends that imams become involved in community activities such as voluntary firefighting and surf lifesaving.

Mr Zreika said he was threatened recently after saying, "I can't tolerate this freak show", following recent remarks by Sheikh Hilali.

But yesterday, after the contents of his paper were publicised, the threats, from Muslims, came non-stop.

"They just say, 'Mate if you don't shut your mouth we are going to come and fix you up'," Mr Zreika said. "I know they are Muslims because they quote Muslim prayers."

Full article: <>


A valid comment to this story from a jw poster below, click link above for more.

This Muslim needs an AK 47, but then Australia has taken guns away from it's citizens to protect themselves.......but the criminals and anarchists still have the guns to fix him up.

It will take police 15 minutes to respond by which time the Muslim will be beaten to death, chopped to death or shot to death with an illegal gun.

It is wonderful watching liberal socialism protecting society when it comes up against Islamofascism armed with more than words.

The problem from Thailand to Oz can be solved if local armed citizen militias start protecting themselves and stop relying on police who make certain they show up after the shooting is over.

Weakness always emboldens the enemy

Future Kings Fitness? - UK

"In Critical and baffling situations, it is always best to return to first principle and simple action"- Sir Winston S. Churchill

Prince Charlie: Keeper of the Faith(s)?

A report by Stella L. Jatras:

A London Sunday Telegraph report of March 4

Questioned Prince Charles' fitness to be king.

The report stated that the "Prince stands accused of being 'too political' and of 'meddling' in the affairs of...

Full article: <>

Common Sense

No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism.
- Winston Churchill

Gun Law and Common Sense -comment from Britain

by Peter Hitchens

More rubbish is written about 'gun control' than about almost any other subject. Allegedly 'tough' gun and knife laws are the liberal substitute for the death penalty, the left's way of trying to stop criminals from killing. Like most 'liberal' solutions, they don't work against their intended target, and they attack freedom.

It helps a great deal to be liberal about this if you

a) don't think about it and

b) know no history at all.

Until 1920, Britain's gun laws made Texas look effeminate. There was no effective restriction at all on owning a firearm. Yet there was virtually no gun crime. Now we have some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the world, and gun crime is a serious and growing problem.

Interestingly, the laws came first, the problem afterwards, and the recent ban on handguns was a completely logic-free response to the Dunblane mass-murder which preceded it.

Here's a strange fact. If you read the Sherlock Holmes stories, you will notice just how frequently Holmes and Watson take guns out on various missions (Watson’s is usually his trusty old service revolver, retained from his brush with war in Afghanistan).

On one occasion, Holmes amuses himself by picking out the Royal monogram 'VR' in bullet-pocks above the fireplace, a remarkable tribute to his shooting ability with a handgun. His skills may have been exceptional, but gun ownership was, at the time the stories were written, entirely legal and normal, and nobody thought it odd.

What is strange is that modern British readers of these stories never pause to wonder how and why things have changed so much. Well, if you do wonder, I must direct you once again to the relevant chapter of 'A Brief History of Crime' in which I was accused of arguing that we should all carry weapons about, as one female acquaintance of mine generally does in the State of Virginia, perfectly legally.

British leftist feminists, who warn constantly that all men are rapists, and endlessly demand harsher punishments and looser rules of evidence in rape prosecutions, really ought to be keen supporters of America's 'Second Amendment Sisters', who argue that women should all be armed and dangerous, and rapists, as a result, should be mostly dead, or too afraid to try it on. But somehow, they aren't. One liberal obsession clashes with another, yet again....

The same 'experts' who have banned guns and knives (with no noticeable effect on their use by criminals, though the harassment of innocents for carrying pen-knives grows year by year) pursue individuals for hitting burglars too hard or, in a notable incident last week, a pensioner who had clouted one of a gang of youths who had pelted his home with snowballs for hours on end.

And they are wholly ineffectual in dealing with burglars on the rare occasions when they both catch them and manage to prosecute them.Yet the one thing that will bring a rapid and powerful police response to a phone call is a claim that guns are being used by private citizens. And the one offence the courts will always punish severely is the one they call 'taking the law into your own hands'.

Why? Because they are much more worried about their monopoly of force than they are about protecting us. Is that a good sign?

Actually, I object strongly to the expression 'taking the law into your own hands'. The law is ours and we made it for ourselves, to protect us and govern us, as a free people. Our freedom to defend ourselves against criminal violence is part of our general freedom to live our lives lawfully.

We hire the police to help us enforce the law, not to tell us that we cannot do so. Sadly, the modern British law is not our law, but an elite law, based on ideas which most of us do not share.

And the modern police are the elite's police, not ours, which is one of the reasons why they have vanished from the streets, where we want them to be. The disarming of the people, and the cancellation of all their rights to defend themselves, are bad signs.

Reality: Indonesia style

Indonesia's Muslim courts gave this Australian a 20-year prison sentence for allegedly smuggling 9-lbs of marijuana. The men who decapitated three Christian schoolgirls were given an average of just 16 years by the same Islamic court

One of the 3 Indonesian christian schoolgirls who were beheaded on the way to school.
Indonesian jihadists get slap-on-the-wrist jail terms for schoolgirl beheadings

Islamic law mandates a lesser penalty for the killing of a non-Muslim than for the killing of a Muslim.
It looks as if this notion has a lingering influence in modern, moderate Indonesia, where a court just handed out strongly...



Rethink Gun Control

British Subjects Beginning To Rethink Gun Control
By Erich Pratt

Who would ever have thought that a British paper would extol the virtues of private citizens bearing arms?

That is what readers of the London Daily Telegraph must have been asking themselves last month when they read Simon Heffer's article entitled,

"If the state fails us, we must defend ourselves."

It turns out, the state has been failing British citizens in a big way.

Heffer documents several gruesome murders, the most recent involving a gang of young thugs who repeatedly stabbed an unarmed, 82 year-old lady to death.

Crime has gotten so bad, Heffer says, that Brits like himself are beginning to reexamine their long-held assumptions about the government's role in controlling crime.

Heffer used to believe there was an implicit contract between law-abiding citizens and the state.

The people surrender certain freedoms to the government, and officials would in turn use their power to control crime.

He says it is clear to all, however, that

"the state has broken that contract."

Now that crime rates are skyrocketing in England, Heffer believes it is time for the British government to recognize a new right for denizens like himself -

- the right to bear arms.

In one sense, Heffer is wrong. Bearing arms would not be a "new right" for Englishmen, for the English Bill of Rights recognized this very important freedom as far back as 1689.

But he is correct in another sense. The British government consistently denies its people the ability to protect themselves with a firearm. England enacted a draconian gun ban after the Dunblane massacre, yet that law has done nothing to reduce crime, Heffer says.

In fact, things have only gotten worse.

He longingly looks to America where citizens can defend themselves with firearms, unlike the situation in England where a homeowner used a gun in 1999 to kill a lifelong criminal and was then sent to jail for life!

Heffer is correct in saying that the British government has definitely let the people down.

But before Americans start gloating about our superior laws, we should admit that we also know a thing or two about the state failing its citizens.

Take the Los Angeles riots, for example. Next month will mark the ten-year anniversary of these riots -- an uprising that began after a jury acquitted two cops of using excessive force against motorist Rodney King.

If you owned a TV in April of 1992, you will never forget the horrible images that blared day and night after the jury verdict was announced.

For several days, Los Angeles was in complete turmoil as stores were looted and burned. Motorists were dragged from their cars and beaten.

Further aggravating the situation, police were very slow in responding to the crisis. Many Guardsmen, after being mobilized to the affected areas, sat by and watched the violence because their rifles were low on ammunition.

Not surprisingly, hundreds of people were injured. More than a dozen innocent citizens were killed.

But not everybody in Los Angeles suffered.

In some of the hot spots, Korean merchants were able to successfully protect their stores with semi-automatic firearms.

"We went through hell," said supermarket owner Richard Rhee. "No police, no National Guard.

We called for help and they said we were on our own."

As it turns out, they did just fine on their own. In areas where armed citizens banded together for self-protection, their businesses were spared while others (which were left unprotected) burned to the ground.

To be sure, the pictures of Korean merchants defending their stores left quite an impression on one group of people living in Los Angeles: those who had previously identified themselves as gun control advocates.

Press reports described how life-long gun control supporters were running to gun stores to buy an item they never thought they would need -- a gun. But alas, they were surprised (and outraged!) to learn there was a 15-day waiting period upon firearms.

The situation was truly outrageous. The state of California could not protect these people, but in the same breath, it was not letting those same citizens protect themselves.

Simon Heffer is right.

English citizens should be allowed to protect themselves. But lest we think that England has a monopoly on stupid laws, let us never forget one of the most important lessons from the Los Angeles riots: guns save lives, and gun control only encourages bad people to prey upon disarmed victims.


Guns in Britain:

"Illegally held guns are flooding Britain’s inner cities and a spate of fatal shootings in London has highlighted gun culture’s allure to disaffected youth. This comes despite the best efforts of the law and its enforcers to restrict the supply of guns.

Yet, any man, woman or street urchin could own a gun in Victorian Britain — at least until 1870 when a licence fee was charged if they wanted to carry the weapon outside their home. And, surprisingly, there was very little gun crime.

The right to own firearms was enshrined in the 1689 Bill of Rights (the Americans had to get their ideas from somewhere) and as late as 1900 the Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, was happy to declare how much he would “laud the day when there was a rifle in every cottage in England”.

There were a quarter of a million registered firearms in private hands before the First World War and the true figure was almost certainly far higher.

In those years the average number of crimes involving firearms in London was 45.

In 2006 it was 3,350."

Anglican Church Melbourne

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The Anglican Church in Melbourne will be celebrating the prophet Mohammad's nobel birth during Easter.

Slayer - Jihad (heavy metal)

Slayer - Jihad

An unofficial fan video. Lots of footage I haven't seen before.
A good video apart from the very end showing America/Israel to be satan, must've been a lefty.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Why we defend right to bear arms
By Pat Wray

The right of Americans to bear arms, as stipulated in the Second Amendment to our Constitution, will get a microscopic examination by presidential candidates in the coming months.

I won't pretend gun owners are a homogeneous group - anything but - but we do share some characteristics and opinions that wannabe presidents should know about:

• Responsible gun owners consider guns as tools. We don't own fully automatic weapons. We use guns for hunting, target shooting and self-protection, not necessarily in that order.

• We apply for and receive concealed weapons permits, but it's not because we plan to carry a gun around.

We want to be able to legally transport guns in our vehicles without leaving them in plain sight, as the law requires. We store most of our guns in safes, but often keep one nearby at night, because we are responsible for the safety of our families.

• We are unwilling to bet our lives on the rapid response of police.

We watched as police abandoned entire sections of Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots and knew that the stores most likely to escape looting and destruction were those protected by owners with guns.

We are products of our country's history: Our ancestors warded off Indian attacks and raiders, and we are prepared to do the same with the different threats we face today. We teach our children about gun safety and respect at an early age, but we don't leave guns around where kids could find them.

• We gun owners believe in and obey the nation's laws regarding illegal use of firearms.

We want to see those laws aggressively enforced and transgressions even more aggressively punished, but we do not support the creation of new laws designed to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

We are willing to consider creative new ways to identify weapons that have been used for criminal purposes and wish the National Rifle Association would cooperate more in this effort.

Some of us also wish the NRA cared as much about preserving wilderness as it does the right to bear arms - any arms.

• We know restrictive gun laws will not prevent events such as the killings at Columbine or Thurston high schools, any more than restrictive licensing of drivers will halt road-rage attacks. We cannot legislate an end to personal or societal mental illnesses.

• We have no problem with the current system of registration of guns sold by licensed dealers, but we oppose blanket registration of all guns for two reasons:

First, we don't want the government to be able to take our guns away from us, as totalitarian regimes have done elsewhere.

The second reason is similar, but runs on a deeper current, one rarely discussed. We are aware that at some point in the future, we or our descendants may need to fight against our government or an invading force.

I don't want to be melodramatic about this fear, but it is ingrained in American culture. It runs through our blood from the docks of Boston through Lexington and Bunker Hill. It was seared into our collective soul in Chancellorsville, Bull Run and Antietam.

We watched and learned from victims of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Slobodan Milosevic. We studied the Quislings and the Vichy. We bled with the Jews and the Tutsis. We are bleeding now with the tribes being slaughtered in Darfur.

Chief among all of these lessons is the certain knowledge that an evil government or an occupying force can come to power anywhere. It could happen here.

• It is a mistake to confuse gun owners with extremist groups such as the Montana Freemen and other anti-government organizations. We have almost nothing in common with them. Many of us are military veterans with a deep and abiding loyalty to this country. We don't stockpile exorbitant amounts of ammunition or train for guerrilla action. But we retain the option of defending ourselves, our families and our country if the need arises. Our guns give us that option, and anyone who wishes us ill would need to take us into account.

• Some gun-restriction advocates are trying to say the Second Amendment's protections refer only to a standing militia. They think gun ownership should be restricted to the military. We reject this argument. Our nation was built on individual freedoms, including the right to own guns.

We hope presidential candidates get to know us as thoughtful citizens who happen to hunt and shoot and believe in protecting ourselves. None of these characteristics make us dangerous or overly important. They just make us worth listening to.

Counter- Strike Source - Fun Tips

Counter-Strife: Noob's Guide to CS:S (PART 1 of 2)

Counter-Strife: Noob's Guide to CS:S (PART 2 of 2)

Why we are at War

"...we have the right to kill 4 million Americans, 2 million of them children..."
--al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith (al Quds, 2002).

The Jihad rolls on!

"Islamic organizations are carefully orchestrating lawsuits, marches, large propaganda campaigns all across the nation. Islamic schools and mosques are being built in record numbers across the nation with Saudi oil money being funneled into the US legally. Islam is on the march.

The submission of the great country of the United States to Islam has begun just as planned. Just as we were warned by Osama bin Laden, Islam is using Americas own laws and freedoms to destroy us." --Randy Taylor
Independent Analyst
19 March 2007:

1990-1998: The population of the United States is largely unaware of Islam, Islamic terrorism or what is being planned against this great nation. We vaguely recall some Islamic persons trying to blow up the World Trade Centers but it is only a distant memory, a fluke, a failed attempt. We aren’t even aware of the structure of terrorist masterminds behind the event.

There was a bombing in Oklahoma City by some disgruntled ex-soldier but we were told he acted alone, so we accepted it at face value. We didn’t look any deeper. We accepted what we were told. Most of us did anyway. We sought to ignore the ones trying to tell us otherwise.
Wise men like Steve Emerson are largely unheard by us, by choice. Steve is the equivalent of a modern day Paul Revere placing himself at great risk to warn us of the enemy coming. We choose not to listen.

Ignore it and it will go away. As long as it doesn’t affect the stock market, it doesn’t count as a threat.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

That Bloody Left Again!


Post excerpted from Astute Bloggers via

Although I am thankfully unaware of most of what is posted on Leftist websites, the indomitable Australian commentator, Tim Blair, posted a link today to an extremely illuminating example of Leftist thinking. It is illuminating about what Leftists believe, and shows how far from reality those beliefs really are.

The essay is entitled "Guns, burglary, and self-defense" and was written by one Lindsay Beyerstein, who describes herself as a 28-year-old writer & photographer born under the Sign of Cancer, and who is proud of the fact that she turned down John Edwards's offer to be one of his official bloggers.

She seems like a sincere and well-intentioned person. The purpose of my comments here is not to make fun of her, but to illustrate some of the serious deficiencies in the Leftists' habitual way of looking at things.

After noting that her lefty blogging buddy Matthew Yglesias recently wrote that he wants to have a gun to defend himself against burglars, Lindsay Beyerstein begins her comments with this pithy paragraph:

I've never understood why anyone would keep a gun in their home to protect themselves from burglars. If you had a violent stalker ex, or someone who was was bent on invading your home in order to hurt you, I could see the rationale for being armed. But buying a gun to protect against burglars is no protection at all. It's not like you're going to stand guard every night to deter them.

In this first paragraph, Lindsay is already making several serious hermeneutical mistakes. She recognizes that having a gun makes sense if you want to protect yourself against someone who is trying to hurt you, but she doesn't think it makes sense to be armed against burglars.

Well, the first mistake is to assume that you know that burglars won't hurt you. Someone who is willing to break into your house to steal your property may very well be willing to harm you or kill you when they are discovered. And the fact that you and your neighbors are armed may well deter prospective burglars when you are not home to confront them.

Let's look at her next paragraphs:

Turning on the lights to find the gun is enough scare off the average burglar. I know at least a half-dozen people who have scared off burglars (deliberately or involuntarily) just by alerting the would-be thief to their presence. The burglar isn't there to fight you hand-to-hand for your iPod. Confrontations with the homeowner go against the whole burglary business model.

Interrupting a burglary with a gun probably unnecessary and likely counterproductive because you have no idea how the burglar's going to react. Desperate criminals are human, too. I'm not pointing this out as a plea for compassion. I'm just noting that strung-out junkies at gunpoint are at least as likely to do something stupid as your average person. Maybe they're armed, too. Maybe they'll panic and try to get the gun away from you. Maybe they'll succeed. Or, maybe you'll panic and shoot them.

It might make sense be armed if you were someone who couldn't call the cops (e.g., a drug dealer), or if you kept your entire lifesavings in uninsured jewels in a candy dish on the kitchen table. But does anyone really want to risk physical violence to protect their consumer electronics? That's what insurance is for.

In these three paragraphs, Lindsay illustrates some further misconceptions and mistaken ideas. First of all, she is confident that turning on the lights will scare most burglars away. In the United States, that is probably true. Most burglars, particularly career burglars, are not in fact robbers; that is, they do not want to confront the homeowner or apartment renter. They want to slip in and out undetected.

The reason that is the case, however, is the rather high probability of a burglar confronting an armed homeowner in the United States. A burglary when the homeowners are actually home is called a "hot burglary." Hot burglaries are rare in the United States, but rather more common in Great Britain. Mark Steyn pointed out in a column a few years ago that the average "hot burglar" in New Hampshire has a 50% chance of being convicted and going to jail . . . and a 50% chance of being shot and killed right then and there. In England, on the other hand, where the police will prosecute a homeowner for defending his own life and property, hot burglaries are common.

Basically, the fact that burglars run away when discovered is a tribute to the "herd immunity" conferred upon the unarmed homeowner by the many, many homeowners who have in the past defended themselves and their property appropriately.

Read the rest here

NSW Newcastle mosque - brainwashing!

Australia needs to wake up to better gun laws if it wants to keep it's future.
Extremist students take over NSW mosque
"During my presence here it was very, very quick. Because they went really, really hard with (preaching) their beliefs." Australia the lucky country will you stand up and be counted!
By Richard Kerbaj in The Australian,
HARDLINE international students have wrested control of a major NSW mosque, ousting the local cleric amid accusations the group is rapidly converting followers to extremist Islam.
Up to 150 university students from Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt who follow the fundamentalist Wahabbism ideology were central to the overthrow at the weekend of the executive board of the Newcastle Muslim Association.
Deposed association president Yunus Kara yesterday accused the students of pushing for new leadership of the port city's mosque in order to advance their own extremist agenda and continue "brainwashing" local Muslims.
"The international students have used their puppets to come forward and dictate," Mr Kara told The Australian.
"They're driving them to whatever ideology that (suits them). Their ideology is extremism ... but they teach under the banner of Islam."
But the association's newly elected treasurer, Michael Cawley, denied the claims of the ousted leadership, accusing them of labelling opponents Wahabbis.
Mr Cawley, a convert, said the international students were merely visitors to the mosque and had no control over the new leadership.
"Basically, what happened is anyone who didn't agree with the (former) president's point of view were labelled Wahabbi," said Mr Cawley. "It's unfair."
Newcastle Mosque's deposed imam, Bilal Kanj, who was also voted out on the weekend, said while the students openly denied their Wahabbi beliefs and radical Koranic interpretations, they were converting people during prayer group meetings and other religious gatherings.
"If you were to ask them, they will deny they're Wahabbi," said the Australian-born cleric, who moved to Newcastle three months ago to work as a full-time spiritual leader.
"They play it very discreetly. We've been studying them all of our life and we know how to spot them very easily."
Mr Kara said the international students were aged between 20 and 30, and were known to make home visits to members of the port city's 600-strong Muslim population to preach their beliefs.
This home preaching may suggest that the appointment of a new imam is not an immediate priority of the new leadership.
Mr Kara said radical students had gathered more support over the past two years after they had begun to flock the mosque in larger numbers.
He said an absence of proper religious leadership at Newcastle Mosque over the past 30 years - prior to Sheik Bilal's appointment - also meant the students could exploit the void to spread their own ideologies.
Sheik Bilal said the students were becoming more proficient at spreading their isolationist messages.
"During my presence here it was very, very quick," he said.
"Because they went really, really hard with (preaching) their beliefs."
Click on the link below to view comments at jihadwatch.
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Good news from the UK !
UK: Schools allowed to ban face veilsAnti-dhimmitude in the UK: teachers need to be able to see pupils' faces. From the BBC, with thanks to PRCS: Schools will be able to ban pupils from wearing full-face veils on security, safety or learning grounds under new uniforms...